Chapter 1

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Even if he believed there was little to no chance of someone recognizing him in this moment, Amane Yuuto was wary. If by any chance he met someone he knew, his other life would be discovered and his life as teacher, over.

He was aware of that and still he dared to once again go leave in his art. All because of a contest where he was betting his pride and defending the title. And I won, Yuuto thought happily, clutching the prize through the bag in his hand. Even if clothes he wore left him, at the same time, protected him from the cold in some places and leaving others expose, the teacher firmly believe it was worth all the risk.

All smiles, Yuuto still was careful not to hit anyone on the subway with the baggage he had, and shifted the bag in hands. And almost at the same time, he saw his faint reflection on the subway window.

As if out of reflex, when the teacher noticed the purple hat was slightly misplaced, his hand flew to fix it right away, and then, almost naturally, Yuuto ended up checking himself. Waah... I must look weird to others... weird, but cute, the thought crossed his head and he could barely suppress the surprise he felt himself, a shy grin in the lips.

Besides the hat, Yuuto wore a long white pleated skirt with a frilly hem, purple ankle boots, a collared long-sleeved purple shirt and a light purple scarf to match. He also had red-colored contact lenses and had covered his cheeks with a just the right amount of blush, enough to make a cute contrast with the light red colored lipstick. And to top it all, he wore a white-colored wig that reached his back.

His head was a bit hot under the wig, but even with the purple overcoat, the teacher's legs quivered from time to time due the chill of winter. Though he had taken during the contest, since it wasn't part of the outfit, now he had black pantyhose, but it wasn't enough to fight the cold.

I have to thank sister again, he thought with his hand on the scarf. If it wasn't for Yuuka, Yuuto would have picked a white scarf, and then he'd make a mistake. It would've be tiny one, but as an artist, that was unthinkable for Yuuto. Next time I find a character to cosplay, I have to take a closer look at them, he reminded himself for the hundredth time.

Once again looking at his reflection, Yuuto couldn't help but feel a certain sense of pride filling him. Yes, he was a man who cosplayed as female characters, and though he'd rather keep it apart from his regular world, he felt proud because he was one of the best.

The teacher went back and forth a bit when the subway stopped at the station. When the rocking stopped, the teacher made room for others to pass and then his heart almost froze. Luckily he was already in makeup, otherwise his cheeks would lose their color.

Because entering the door at the other side of the subway and looking for a place to hold almost at the door, was someone he knew. And it wasn't just someone he knew. To make everything much worse, the person who had just entered the wagon was one of his students, Akaishi Seiji-kun.

Oh no... his eyes widened and Yuuto immediately looked away. Why, why is Akaishi-kun here? I thought he was at the hospital because of a fight. He remembered one of his colleagues mentioning this. Talking another glance at the student, Yuuto confirmed he had a kind of bandage around his hand.

That single glace almost became a huge mistake. Akaishi-kun had looked at his direction at the same time. Did he see me!? The teacher thought desperately. Averting his eyes, Yuuto tried changing his place, going the farthest he could. But in the crowded subway, it was impossible to move without bumping into anyone, giving trouble to others and making a scene. And so Yuuto was stuck there in his place, only a few meters away from what could change his life forever.

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