1 - In Front of The Double Doors

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1 – In Front of The Double Doors

With wide eyes, I stare at the big double doors. The oak appears incredibly heavy. How does anyone pry these open? Fears bubbles up without a warning. What if I'm making a mistake?

"Do you think this is my happy ending, Doc?"

His smile is warm as his eyes pierce into me. "For today, it is. What you make of it in the end is up to you."

I stare at the wooden doors again. They seem crushing. I can barely breathe. "This is a mistake."

"Bullshit. It's normal to get cold feet at this stage."

"Did you get cold feet?"

"Oh, yeah." Amusement glistens in his eyes. "I threw up three times, convinced myself I had caught a stomach bug, and tried to call the whole thing off."

"And? What happened?"

"My wife happened. She came to visit me in my room and talked some sense into me. Afterward, I was fine—though it might've been because I was scared she would slap me if I didn't straighten up."

"You know, it's bad luck to see your bride on your wedding day before the church."

"We are happily married for over twenty years, so I think we're okay."

I suck in a deep breath, balling my hands to control the quivering in my fingertips. "I'm not ready for more kids."

"No one said that you need to have more kids—not straight away anyway. Couples these days wait years before they start a family." His tone is soothing and he rubs my shoulder when I glance up at him with a grimace.

"I'm scared, Doc. What if it is a mistake?"

"Then you just get a divorce like anyone else who fails at this marriage thing." He grins. "Noel Fallon will even do it for free, so you have nothing to worry about. Relax—it's all gonna be fine."

"Then why does it constantly feel as if a bomb is about to explode?" This prickling feeling in the nape of my neck has been torturing me for days. It just doesn't let go.

"Okay, let's analyze this."

I groan—now I started his doctoring mode. Stupid.

"Do you believe that Sam loves you?"

"Yeah, I suppose he love me." That's at least what he has been telling me.

"And do you love him?"

"Yes, I love him." Otherwise, I wouldn't have agreed to this whole nonsense. In hindsight, his idea to elope or just get married in front of a justice of the peace would have been so much easier than having this big church event with subsequent party. I guess I didn't want to disappoint our families and friends. Especially my dad. Ever since the word "wedding" fell, he has been ecstatic to walk me down the aisle.

"And have you ever felt scared around Sam?"

I shake my head. "Never." There had been a few uneasy moments, especially when we were first dating, but they were mostly driven by my overanalyzing mind.

"Did he ever hurt you?"

I snort. If he had hurt me, he would be toast. Neither Kade nor Alex would have let him get away with even poking me too hard in my shoulder. "No, Doc, of course he never hurt me."

"And do you think he'll be a good dad to Noah?"

"Yes." On the parental front, he is probably better than me.

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