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12:48, the living room clock read. I ran my fingers through my hair again, hoping to tame it. No such luck, it stays messy and stubborn as ever.

My mom smiled at me by the kitchen. "Is he here yet?" She mouthed.

I shook my head and shifted my eyes towards the window again. An empty, quiet street stares back at me.


I heard a noise. It's just another car, I told to myself. I looked out the window. A familiar dark blue car was approaching. I stumbled back and frantically tried to straighten my clothes.

"He's here?" My mom said.

Before I could answer, he was knocking on my door. I swung open the door and smiled nervously. He was grinning in a way that made his blue eyes shine like diamonds. He was wearing a long sleeve red shirt and blue jeans that looked great on him. But really, he could be wearing a trash bag and still somehow look good.

"Are you ready to go?" I snapped out of my trance.

"Yeah," I glanced over my shoulder. "Bye, mom!"

"Have fun!" She replied.

I smiled uneasily at him. This could go great or terribly wrong.

He opened the car door for me to sit. What a gent. As he drove, the radio blared. Usually, I didn't like pop music. But today, the cliche love songs seemed so perfect. Finally, something for me to love in life.

"Have you eaten lunch yet?" Jason asked me.


I saw him smile. "Good, we'll have lunch together."


"You'll see. You'll love it, though."

"Is that so?"

He laughed. I couldn't stop staring at him. Everything about him glowed whenever he was happy. When he was angry or gloomy, the atmosphere around him becomes dense and heavy, like summer pre-rainstorm. It was perfect.

"Uh, Percy?"

I quickly looked out the window with my face red hot. He was just so pretty. I could feel his stare on me without even looking.

"This is it," He turned the wheel and pulled in.

"It's- it's like a 50's diner!" I exclaimed.

"Right? It's kinda a gem of this city." He said.

I don't ever eat out that often. I grew up either starving, or eating anything I could find in the fridge, risking Gabe's anger. Sometimes, my mom would come home and give me some food when Gabe as drunk and asleep.

Jason pushed the door open and held it for me. What a gent.

Checkered floors and tablecloths. Music flowed from jukeboxes. People milled about, filling the diner with a light chatter. The smell was irresistible. Jason squeezed my hand and smiled. I was at home.

We ordered and got comfortable at the seats. I couldn't look at him in the eye. This is hard. I fumbled with the napkin dispenser instead.

"So... Do you like this place?"

My eyes flicked up to meet his. He was just as anxious to please me as I was to please him. "Yeah... It's amazing!"

He looked relieved. "I hope so."

I laughed nervously. "You know, I don't have very high standards. You could've brought me to a coin laundry place and I would be happy."

Jason smiled, twisting my stomach into knots. "This place is special to me. I thought you'd like it."

We ordered our food. Jason sat up straight, looking assured. It was in his nature to be the strong one. Actually, I've never seen him not strong and assured. I felt sort if bad. He's walked me through all my troubles and woes... but what about his?


He must've caught me staring. "Oh, sorry." Blushing, I shifted my eyes to the fountain drink in front of me.

"No, no. Is there something wrong?"

"Of course not. I- I'm great."

"So this might be a good time to ask... Percy, uh, I've known you for a long time."

My heart thudded against my chest.

"I just wanted to know. Would you be my boyfriend?"

My mind went into overdrive.




"Of course I would- I-" I lowered my voice, aware that I was being a little loud. "I love you."

Jason's eyes sparkled as he smiled slowly.

"I love you too."


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