♪ Chapter 10

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C H A P T E R  10

Stella. The witch herself who had once attempted to hurt my angelic face. I'm not going to lie, having two bitches against me was a lot of pressure. So of course, I let of some steam in a game.

We all glared at her expectantly, waiting for her to answer Jessica's question.  She crossed her arms stubbornly, and stared back at us.

"Stella." Chris greeted, coming up behind us.

"You knew she was coming?" Jessica grumbled, "Couldn't have given us a heads up?"

"Or Josh could have given us a heads up." Chase muttered.

Stella smiled sweetly at Chris, before shooting me a dirty look and following him to his office. I stared after her, contemplating what I could do. I could grab Jessica's shoe and throw it at her head.. I shrugged my shoulders in defeat and turned to Josh. "So yeah, welcome back Josh!"

"Exactly," Shannon agreed, "welcome back Josh! It's been weird without you here." 

Caleb scoffed at that, and leaned against Chase. Both of them stared coldly ahead into space. I shook my head at their childishness, and tried to hold in my laughter. Max slapped them both on the shoulder in an attempt to lighten the mood, "I say we have a celebration party!" He announced.

I nodded in agreement, "You guys can organize it though, I'm just in charge of being awesome, and spying on Chris and Stella. Bye!" I grabbed my partner in crime and dragged him after me, out of the field and down the path towards the offices. 

"Why do I always get dragged into this kind of stuff?" Shane whined, causing me to scoff. 

"You love it Shane, stop lying. You love being the Robin to my Batman."

"I want to be Batman!"

I snorted with laughter and tugged him along, "And I want to find out why the hell Stella is back. She attempted to bruise this pretty face, I have a right to know!"

Shane rolled his eyes and followed me. Chris's office was beside the new nurses office. It was a small cabin, painted white with square windows. I tiptoed closer and put my ear against the office door so I could listen. Shane chose to peak through the window instead.

"-I will apologize Chris. But you understand why I did it right? I just wasn't thinking clearly, my parents were getting divorced and I was upset!"

"Stella, I understand that, but you did hit May!"

"It didn't even hurt her, besides I'm sure she'll forgive me when I apologize!"

I scoffed at that. Shane eyes widened and he began waving at me frantically. I frowned, and furrowed my eyebrows at him. He gestured to the door, and I heard the handle being pressed down. "Shit!" I cursed and scrambled after Shane to the other side of the cabin. We both sat quietly, listening as Chris and Stella exited the cabin.

"What are you two doing?" Kelly asked as came out of the nurses office and approached us. I shook my head frantically at her, gesturing towards Stella and Chris who were at the other side of the cabin. Kelly who had put up with my usual mischief, quickly diverted her attention to Chris. 

"Hey Kelly, I was just talking to Stella." He replied, and she nodded casually. 

"Right yeah that's cool, hi Stella who tried to bruise my pretty cousin's face. You should know she's like iron man, made of steal, hard to hurt her. Anyway let's go for a walk." She grabbed both Stella and Chris by the arm and began to pull them in the opposite direction.

"Damn I love my cousin," I murmured, "even though she sucks at acting." I tugged Shane to his feet and we began to walk back to the concert field.

"Will you forgive her if she apologizes?" He asked curiously.

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