Chapter 1 - Meeting Action Man

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“I wake up in the morning, feeling like...” I drifted off as I realized that I did not, in fact, feel anything like P Diddy. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I gave a big yawn and got up. Big day, today. First day at... Something... something... High. My pack recently moved to a different state, I don't really know why, my father, the alpha of my pack, doesn't want me to be involved in 'pack business'. Yes, I, Charlotte Peter Gray am a werewolf. I have been all my life and I love it.

I bounced into my walk-in-closet, I guess there was a good thing about moving. Because I was leaving all of my friends, my Dad and Mom bought me all these new things just so I move. Truth be told, I would have gone with them anyway. But shh... they don't need to know that.

“HONEY, HURRY UP.YOU'RE LATE FOR SCHOOL.” my dad's voice yelled from downstairs. Damn, I threw some frumpy, ugly clothes on, from the left hand side of the closet, scrapped my hair into a tight ponytail, grabbed my hideous bag and ran downstairs. I took a big gulp of my Dad's coffee and sprinted out of the house, shouting my goodbyes as I went. I dropped my bag into the passenger seat of my mini and screeched off.

You may be wondering why I have a stupid mini, ugly clothes and a hideous bag. Well, simples. I was forced to have and wear all of these things by my Dad. I actually have a awesome yellow Ferrari and a black z1000 ninja bike at home. My poor babies stuck in the garage just because my Daddy doesn't want me to be in any type of attention. I arrived at a car park filled with students chatting to each other. I pulled into a space with a cute Porsche next to it and a group of guys leaning against the car having a mother's meeting. I rummaged through my bag to find my pair of fake glasses and put them on. Breathing deeply, I opened my door and walked outside. I turned around and saw a pink barbie walking towards me wearing a skimpy skirt and a top with too much boob and too less top.

“Hey Nerd,  Get out of my parking space.” She pouted her lips and finger waved at the group of guys next to us.

“Excuse me, Miss..Erm...Barbie...May I call you Barbie, of course I may, But I don't follow other people's orders.” I said putting on a fake smile.

Her mouth opened up in a small 'O' shape.

“Oops, I be more careful if I were you. Your foundation is cracking.” I stage whispered to her. I heard chuckles from all around me. A small group of people have appeared, forming a loose circle. Have I mentioned to you that my father's attempt of keeping me out of attention rarely works.

“You... Dinosaur!” She screamed at my face. But she didn't say the word Dinosaur, she said something much,much worse.

Okay, fine she called me a bitch. “Listen here, Just because your new, I'm gonna give you a chance. Get out of my parking space now and nobody will get hurt.” She snarled at me in a not so attractive way.

I grinned at her. “What you gonna do? Strip in front of me. I'm sorry but... ”

“What is going on here!” A guy pushed past the crowd to the front. A very hot guy. He had dark brown hair that's screaming 'run your fingers through me'. He was wearing a black shirt with a few buttons at the top open, you can just see a eight pack underneath. Jeans that hung loosely on his hips and black converses. I looked back up and gasped. His eyes were a electric blue color and they were staring right at me. Static electricity coursed through the air causing the little hairs at the back of my neck to stand up on ends. It was like there was only me and him in the world. He blinked and it was all over. I blinked a few times getting rid of the few final sparks. What the hell was that?. Am I turning into a perv. “Anyone gonna answer me or do I have to force it out of one of you.” he growled in a alpha tone. There's another pack living here?

About half of the people around us gave a small bow, so small that if I wasn't a werewolf myself I wouldn't have known. The barbie smirked at me and ran to the guy, grabbing his arm. “Shane” she squealed . “This geek parked in my space and I like asked her kindly if she would get out of it and then she started to yell at me.” I coughed the word 'liar'. She glared at me then mouthed the word 'slut'. “Cough... Look who's cough talking.” I heard a shuffle behind me and Trent appeared with Sarah and Darren, my friends from my pack. Darren was red in the face from laughing, his arm around Sarah . Darren and Sarah are mates. I know isn't it sweet. Can I get an 'aww'? Awww! Trent smirked at me, “Hey Beautiful, Up to your usual trouble?”

I grinned up at my best friend, “Hello Sexy.” I leaned forward and kissed his cheek. Someone behind me gave a low threatening growl. “Oh, and did you just meet me? Dude, I am trouble.” My friends chuckled at me, the bell rung for school. I turned back to Barbie. “Sorry, It's such a shame that we can't carry on but school and all that. We will carry on with this later. Okay?” Not waiting for the answer I turned around to my friends. “Shall we?” I asked. Trent put his arm around my waist. “We shall.” he said putting on a fake British accent. “Bye bye Barbie and bye bye Action man.” I winked before heading up the stairs to my first day at school.


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