Chapter Fourteen

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A/N Thought I'd bring back a few old friends. Wink wink.

  When Annabeth walked through the door with a smile lighting up her face, Percy's hopes soared.

  He tried to push himself up slightly but slumped back down again. He scowled. But then he looked at Annabeth again, and his anger melted inside him.

  "What is it?" He asked, barely able to keep his excitement out of his voice.

  Annabeth's smile widened. "I brought some friends." Now Percy was smiling just as wide as Annabeth.

  "Who?" He practically yelled. If he was able to jump, he would've been ten feet in the air. He hadn't seen his friends, other than the seven, Will, and sometimes Grover.

  "One second," and with that, she rushed out of the room. When she returned she was dragging a girl in a toga.

  "Reyna!" He screamed, causing his throat to light up. But he ignored it.

  Reyna stood straight and yanked her wrist from Annabeth's hand, brushing off her toga. She smiled at him. "Hello Percy. I'm sorry I haven't come sooner, but someone has to stay in New Rome and I thought Frank was needed here more than me."
   "Well I'm happy you came! I'm sorry you had to run New Rome alone.... Again."
  "Well, now it's Frank's turn."

  Percy's smile never wavered as he offered her a seat. Annabeth took her usual seat next to him, but Percy couldn't help but notice that she still seemed really excited about something. "Annabeth, is there something your not telling me?"
   "They should be here any minute," was all that she said.
  Percy eyed her suspiciously.  He opened his mouth to comment but the door soon reopened and the room was filled with banging.

  A moment later, a figure emerged from the doorway. "Owie. Doors are too low. Tyson tall," spoke the figure.

  "Tyson!" Percy screeched. His throat really felt like he was drinking fire water again, but he decided not to think about that.

  "Brother!" Tyson screamed as he engulfed Percy in a bear hug. Though it was the most gentle hug he'd ever received from Tyson, his body still felt as if it was lit on fire. Through clenched teeth, he muttered, "A bit tight," and Tyson immediately let go.

  "Did Tyson hurt brother?" A tear forming in his big, brown eye. (A/N Is it brown? Green maybe? Considering his father. Eh, whatever.)

  "No," Percy replied softly, "not at all. I was already hurt."
  "Brother is hurt," Tyson stated sadly.
  "Yeah, I've been better. But I'll be back to normal soon and then we can play tug-o-war with Mrs.O'Leary." Tyson nodded vigorously.

  Tyson then went to Annabeth and twirlerd her around. She laughed. "Tyson happy to see Annabeth again. She is as nice as peanut butter."

  He turned to Reyna but before he could envelope her in a bone-crushing hug, a shriek emitted from her mouth.

  Out of the shadows came Nico diAngelo. "Nico!" Reyna yelled as she hugged him and then slapped him. "No shadow traveling, remember? Doctors orders," she smirked.

  Nico blushed a shade so red Percy thought it was the most color he'd ever had. "I was in the Underworld helping my father. It was only once. Don't tell Will. Please?"

  Reyna simply laughed and shook her head. "But you won't tell him right?" He said. She took her spot in her chair again, ignoring him. Tyson stood next to Annabeth, looking completely confused.

  "Hey big guy," Nico said, patting his back.
  "Yes, hello Tyson," Reyna said, "it's nice to see you again."
  "Nico!" Percy finally spoke/yelled. His throat was really burning now. But again, he ignored it.
  "Hey Perce," Nico said, grinning slightly, "looks like you got yourself stuck in here again, huh?"
  "Yeah, looks like it," Percy said glumly.

  Nico pulled up an extra chair in the corner of the room and took a seat. Tyson sat on the floor because the chairs were too small for him.

  "So, Tyson," Annabeth said, "how's the forges?" Percy was only half listening at the moment, his throat was raw, like the times in Tartarus when he couldn't stop screaming. No, he said sternly, no, not a flashback now. His body on fire and he felt like he was being stabbed with knives straight from the forges.

  But, being the Seaweed Brain he was, he decided to push it aside and try to stop his vision from blurring.

  The friends caught up and the pain intensified. He started breathing heavily. Annabeth also noticed this and told the three friends that they should get some dinner (it had been the afternoon when they came). They agreed and hastily left.

  Percy was really having trouble breathing now. It was like someone was choking him. The pain was like gorgon's blood all over again. His limbs felt like they'd been torn apart.

  He couldn't help but scream. Percy choked over the yell. "I'm going to go get Will," she declared.
   "No," he rasped, "don't leave me."

  Annabeth looked him straight in the eye has she slipped the air mask over his head, "Never," she muttered as the world went black around him.

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