7.17. Hum Kahan Chal Diye

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Chapter 7.17. Hum Kahan Chal Diye

Last past part guys...

Last past part guys

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Shehry's POV

"Mom! next time when you will be visiting us, you will find Hussain with his paainchey till his knees and his daarhi longer than Dumbledore, tugged in his shalwar" I remarked quiet seriously, Maha laughed while I rolled my eyes and Mom gave me a disapproving look.

"I am serious. I am telling you Mom! they are preparing a truck. After a good brain wash they will fill them all in that truck and send them to Afghanistan"

"Haye haye Allah na karey Shehry! fazool bat mat karo" Mom literally gasped as I claimed. Hussain was sitting all silent, with Maha sitting on his leg, he was caressing her hair softly pretending as if he wasn't listening to us.

"To or kia Mom! shave nai ker raha, guitar tor diya, apni pictures urra deen her jaga se more over he is on a total boycott with all the social networking sites. Fans ko requests ker raha hea k is ki videos and pics delete ker den. Where else he is heading to? TRUCK!!!" I stated all firmly and Mom just looked between me and Hussain with extreme worry in her face.

"Gul has been trying to contact him for all these days mager nai. Na phone attend kerta hea, na milta hea us se, I don't know why he is blaming himself for everything?" I stated disapprovingly.

"Jo bhi hua us mein mana tumhara qasoor tha beta! mager Tehreem...

"Mom please!" Hussain cut her through, uneasiness there on his face. "Its not about what has happened with me or Tehreem. its far worse than that, its even graver Mom! why don't you people understand!" he exclaimed looking at both of us. "ye sab jo ho raha hea ye us ek ghalti ki waja se nai hea Mom! ye un tamam amaal ki saza hea jo aj tak kiye hen mein ne, Tehreem se milna ye sab hona to ek bahana tha... I had to realize what I was doing and I have realized. ap log nai samjhen ge kis kis bat ki nadamat hea mujhey, afsos hea shermindgi hea....

He stopped, shaking his head as he seemed worried all of a sudden.

"Are you trying to say that you have been doing everything wrong in life? You are a sinner, you hvaen't done even a single good deed? Q khud per ye sab thop raha hea tu Hussain! kun zaberdasti khud se naraz hea?" I was at the verge of bursting up in rage and frustration when Mom looked at em and softly gestured me to be polite with him. I rolled my eyes leaning back in the couch.

"Hussain beta?" Mom softly uttered, he looked at her face with a tired expression. "deen ki taraf raghib hona ghalat nai mager duniya chor dena ghalat hea"

"Duniya kahan chori hea Mom! am still here in this worldly place, caught up badly in this world" he said, his gaze once again lowered to Maha's hair.

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