Chapter 1

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Last Exit from Boston 

Saturday 1 October

Seven days before moving to Dublin, Ireland. Nine days before starting at new school in Ireland ... and counting!


I, Aisling Louise Fitzsimons, am on the eve of a new adventure. One in which I leave everything I have ever known in my young life: Boston, Charlestown High,friends Amelia, Lauren and Colleen, Sean Nos Best Dance Academy and object of my affections Phil Donnelly (more of him later!).

One in which the sixteen-year-old heroine (that’s me) travels many miles over the ocean to Dublin, Ireland, in search of a new life. Wait a minute, what am I talking about? That sounds way too dramatic. What’s really happened is my dad lost his job as a plumber and decided that it was time to move the whole family back to Ireland where he and my mum met and where I was born. OK, so the real story’s not quite so Hollywood but either way I have decided to chronicle the whole affair.

So welcome to the extraordinary adventures of Aisling Fitzsimons.

Sunday 2 October

Six days before the move! One week tomorrow I start a new school.

 6:45p.m. (Day Two of Aisling’s Big Adventure)

Today may not have been extraordinary but it certainly was delicious. Fajitas and Ben and Jerry’s Rocky Road – two of my favourite things – although, believe me, theydon’t taste twice as good if you have them together. This I know. Hmm, I’m not sure recording my disastrous cooking experiments counts as an adventure. I will have to keep a proper eye out for more extraordinary things when I get to Dublin.

I went to Irish Dance class with Amelia and Colleen. Afterwards we went back to Colleen’s to watch the new Camp Rock DVD. Did a new dance routine, which was part Irish reel, part Step Up 2. Either way it was SO cool, if he were ever to see it, Phil Donnelly would wish he was going out with me and forget all about Jen Brettmann. Jen or Tinker Bell (because that’s the role she played in the End of Year Show). How awful would it be if Phil chose a girl called Tinker Bell rather than me? Especially when the only reason she even went for that role was because she got to wear a sparkly silver leotard. There’s no way Phil would choose a girl in a silver sparkly leotard over the Regional Irish Dance Championship Finalist 2005, is there? Tinker Bell was so annoying at the after-show party, and when Phil and I were chatting and messing around she kept appearing, talking about how difficult it was to ‘act’ with silver wings, and asking Phil if he’d seen her ‘performance’. He had to listen to be POLITE but it was really embarrassing. Hmm, another note to self: when we move to Ireland, make sure less embarrassing things happen to you. Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

We had a bit of a chat about the scale of gorgeousness. Amelia doesn’t think Phil Donnelly scores very highly at all and gave him a three. Colleen, however, can actually see, and agrees with me he’s off the gorgeous scale.

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