Chapter One Hundred Twenty Two

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Anora stood in back of Charlie half-listening to what he was telling the visitors to the sanctuary as she kept on eye on Roscoe who did not seem pleased in the presence of the newcomers. He was curled up with his head still out glaring at everyone, steam pouring from his nostrils, and his tail flickering at the end like a rattlesnake preparing to strike.

Anora made eye contact with him and gave him a look as to say that if he tried anything she would end him in a heartbeat. It seemed to deter him slightly but Anora was hoping that all the other dragons would stay where they were, especially Norberta. She was sure the smaller dragon would instigate something and that was the last thing they needed.

Roscoe opened his mouth causing the visiting handlers to take a cautious step back while Anora and Charlie remained still.

"He's fine..." Anora said. "He just enjoys being dramatic."

Roscoe snapped his jaw closed and looked at her, apparently insulted by her choice of words.

"Is this the one you handle?" one of the men called out.


"Seems you need to get a better handle on him then." the man chuckled causing others to join in.

"Oh dear." Charlie muttered to himself as Anora and Roscoe both narrowed their eyes at the man.

"I'm sorry...would you like to run that by me again?" Anora challenged the man.

"An..." Charlie sighed. "It's fine, just a bit of teasing."

"Bit of teasing, my arse." Anora rolled her eyes, crossing her arms.

Charlie tried to move the group along, while Anora stayed behind with Roscoe.

"You know, the majority of these handlers think this is still a man's world, that only men are capable of this. Don't see any of this stupid bastards riding dragons, do I?" She turned to Roscoe who was looking at her, waiting for her to continue.

She held her hand out to him, and waited for him to press his snout to it.

"Don't worry Roscoe, one day, we'll show all of them." Anora told him. "We'll show them how well you can kick some tail and listen."

Roscoe laid down on his side.

"Even if today is not that day." she chuckled. "Anyways, where is your evil girlfriend? I figured she wouldn't be far from you today. Normally she sticks to you when there are stressful events going on here."

Anora wasn't really expecting an answer but when she heard gasps further down the hill, she figured that was her answer.

"Oh goodie, Norbie sounds like she's in a good mood today! That makes the two of us." Anora said sarcastically.

Roscoe watched as Anora ran off in the direction the group had gone with Charlie. He let out a heavy sigh not wanting to move from his lazy position but as he heard Anora and Charlie both yelling the younger dragon's name, he realized he didn't have a choice any longer. Pushing himself up, he decided to cut the time it would take to get down there and released his wings.

Norberta did not like people to begin with. She tolerated them for the most part, the only ones that had earned her respect enough not to attack with all her might, were Charlie and Anora. But she often tested Anora to see how the white haired one would react.

When she was approached by all the strangers, she immediately felt threatened even if Charlie offered her words of comfort. Anora arrived not too long after and the two of them tried to coax her to calm down. However, she didn't like anyone being that close to her, especially people she didn't know. She let out a few warning sparks of flame to warn the people off, but many of them remained un-phased.

"Allow me to translate for Norbie here," Anora said. "Back off!"

Charlie tried to approach Norberta carefully but the movement of the strangers had left the dragon on edge. She immediately snapped at him. Charlie backed away quickly as her gaze turned on the people that seemed to be challenging her by remaining still. By not backing away, they were asking for it.

She inhaled deeply through her nostrils preparing to light them up, when Roscoe appeared out of nowhere, crashing to the ground wedging himself between her and the people. Charlie and Anora had jumped off to the side to avoid being crushed.

The people remained still until Roscoe let out a roaring screech in their face, calling for all of them to disperse immediately.

Anora laid beside Charlie on the ground after being forced down by Roscoe's landing. She turned to Charlie with a wide smile.

"Why are you smiling?" he laughed.

"Did you not see the look on the jerk's face? Priceless. It will forever be one of my favorite memories at this sanctuary."

"You're so weird." Charlie shook his head.

Anora propped her elbow on the ground holding her chin in her hand and looking at Roscoe intertwine his tail with Norberta's to calm down the female dragon.

"Oh how I hate to admit it but my little Roscoe is growing up."


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