Chapter 15

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Now back to Vallery and Raiden. Before we send them on their little adventure, let's see what happened to Ray-Ray after his fight with Val.


Raiden's POV

"Okay. What can't Andy do?"

"Well..." What was Val expecting me to do? Write her a list? "I can't think of anything right now, but..."

"Is she good at screwing?" Her eyes narrowed.

"I-is... I'm not telling you that!" I crossed my arms over my chest; what kind of question was that? "Why do you care anyway?"

"I don't." She shrugged.

"Then why did you ask?"

Come on, Val, you have to have a reason. Are you... jealous? I bit my lip. That can't be it.
"I don't know; I just asked."

"I don't care. Screw her as much as you want, however you want. Enjoy yourself. I don't give a fuck. Just don't expect me to like her simply because you are dating."

"We are not dating." I made sure to stress the negative. Did Val think Andy would get in the way of our friendship? I could see her being jealous over that, but not over...

"Whatever." She interrupted my thoughts and turned around. "As I said, I don't care," she repeated, marching away from me.

I sighed and followed behind until she spoke again:

"Go back to her, Raiden. And I'm going back to that cute boy I met in the pool."

Those last words rooted me in my spot.

What. Cute. Boy?

She's already met someone?

We only just came to this frickin' party!

I watched as she waved between people until she climbed down the stairs and I lost her from my sight.

I gave out a short puff.

She could go do whatever she wanted, with whoever she wanted... See if I care!

I shouldn't care; we were only friends.

As a matter of fact, it was better this way. Thinking about how good Vallery looked with her hair wet, how well her swimming suit fit her or about how much I wanted to touch her would ruin our friendship. Seeing her with another guy would help me get her out of my system, right?

Then why did I feel like punching something?

Or someone?

I walked down the hall and then down the stairs, not sure what I wanted to do. Did I want to find Vallery and the jackass she was with or should I try to avoid them?

"Hey." A hand gently pushed my chest and my back grazed a wall.

"I was searching for you." Andy was smiling up at me, slightly glazed eyes peeking through thick eyelashes. "Did you run off to find us a more private place?"

Her hand slid toward the hem of my jeans and I grabbed her wrist before she could cover the area of my zipper.

"Not now, Andy."

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