Episode 1 "Pilot"

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The Chairman walked over to Regina. "Miss, would you mind standing at the edge of the clearing while we do our work?" He put his finger to his lips and said quietly, "We'll need you to be quiet and still. Can you do that for us?" The gentleness in his voice was intended to help ingratiate her to him, but it only added to the fear that was growing in her gut.

Regina stepped back until she felt the corn stalks pressing against her back. She watched as Blake followed the Chairman toward the edge of the circle. He was about to raise his own hands and join in with the others in the group when the Chairman touched his arm, said something inaudible, and pointed toward the fire. Blake looked confused and took an unsure step toward the fire. The Chairman nodded and Blake became more sure of what he was doing. He walked to the center and stood close to the bonfire. Regina continued to watch as her brother got to his knees and then spread his arms out wide.

All around them, the chanting grew to a crescendo. As their volume rose, so did the fear crawling it's way up Regina's spine.

Blake began rocking back and forth. At first, Regina thought it might have been the heat from the fire causing the air to shimmer, but within moments Blake was visibly rocking back and forth in time with the chants. After about five minutes of the odd worship, Blake collapsed forward. As suddenly as Blake had collapsed, the chanting stopped and all of the hooded figures dropped their arms.

When the chanting was happening, Regina had been hoping for quiet, but the silence turned out to be terrifying by comparison. It was heavy with something that she couldn't put her finger on.

To her relief, the silence was broken by the Chairman.

"Fear not, brothers!" He was shouting. "Brother Blake is preparing the way. Soon the world will know the power of Erra!"

Instead of calming Regina's concerns for her brother, her worry for her brother grew. The word or name 'Erra' sent shudders down her spine, but she didn't recognize it. If the word hadn't carried with it such emotion, she would have thought she had misheard it.

Suddenly, Blake was on his feet. His eyes found her and they were his for only a second before they were replaced with something that Regina didn't recognize.

"The door is open," Blake said in a booming voice that didn't belong to him, "but first, the path must be cleared."

Regina wasn't sure if she had walked toward the Chairman or if he had been making his way toward her, but he was standing beside her when she asked, "What does he mean by that?"

The Chairman seemed overly excited by the events, but also by having an audience to explain. His face was animated as he said, "Erra has a long way to travel and there are many spirits that need to get out of his way." His smile seemed inappropriate with all that was going on. "Imagine a pipe filled with souls. At one end is our world, and at the other end is the God Erra. Your brother has volunteered as the end in our world, and the pipe is about to be..." he stopped as Blake threw his head back and orbs of different colored lights began launching themselves from her brother's mouth.

"...flushed," the Chairman finished.

A roar built up as more and more orbs left Blake's mouth, shaping into a spinning funnel of light and energy.

Regina found her strength and was running toward her brother. The circle of hooded figures was thick and she had to fight to get past them. As she pushed further into the crowd, Regina watched as the orbs flew into the sky, into the earth, into the corn field, and then one by one into each of the members of the circle. While they were crowded tightly together, there were only around a dozen of the hooded figures in the circle, and as the orbs entered their chests, they're faces contorted for the briefest of moments before they spun and ran into the corn.

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