The Beginning Starts With An End

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You know, I mean, I know- no I realize!- I realize that we're young, but what is age but a number? No, no, that's corny. Let's see, um, oh yes! I know I've been distant lately, but I have a very good reason. A reason, not an excuse, because reasons are legit while excuses are well, excu- rambling alert! Stop rambling, self! There will be no pointless rambling!

Where was I? I realize we're young, but age doesn't matter when love, right? I know I've been distant lately and for a good reason, I promise. You know how I got into the University of Michigan, and we were bummed because we'd have to do the LDR thing? Wait, I mean, the Long Distance Relationship thing (I know how you hate when I use acronyms when I can just say it all anyway)?

Well, I got another acceptance that's also a full ride!

Guess where!

No, calm down self, control thyself!

I got accepted to the University of California Northridge! That's only an hour away from your dream college, the University of Southern California!

Yay, no LD- long distance relationship! We can see each other all the time!

And it gets even better! If you're okay with it Mom-Denise, or rather 'Mrs. Henderson' by you (she still wonders why you insist on being all formal, especially since she's known about us for over a year, and is okay with it. Especially since it's the reason she and Mom-Cindy took me in in the first place and- rambling again!) Anyway, Mom-Denise said her cousin has a nice apartment complex that is almost directly between our schools! Meaning if we are okay with driving a half an hour to get to school and back, then we can live together! Or, if we want to live in the dorms during the week and the apartment on weekends or whatever we can do that!

Imagine that! We-

I stop myself from all the going ons that are swirling around in my head to take a mental breather.

If I get this excited just trying to tell her all this, how will I not make a fool of myself?

What if she says no to moving in together? I know we've only been dating since the beginning of junior year, but that's just shy of two years! Is it too soon?

I throw my hands up in frustration. When they drop, my left hand brushes my side and my heart pounds. There's no inner prep for that... no, don't think about that yet, focus on the moving in thing first, then deal with that.

I feel my heart slowing as I do a breathing exercise to stop myself from becoming irrational.

My breath catches when I see her.

(Breathe, dammit self, breathe, passing out breathless isn't the way this it to go!)

As beautiful as always, she strides with absolute confidence. Her silky light brown/blonde hair that looks the color of old gold tumbles haphazardly over her shoulders, perfectly messy from the hard-blowing wind. I love just running my fingers through it. Her beautiful blue eyes are sadly hidden behind dark sunglasses, but I can imagine them swirling and, if I could see them, I'd most likely be lost in them.

She spots me just as I notice the puzzling frown that graces her luscious pink lips.

She must be unhappy about my recent behavior. I tried to act normal as possible while finalizing all the details of my news for her, but some were more time consuming and distracting, taking away time for us in during these very busy last weeks of high school. I'm sure she'll forgive me, though.

Gosh, I love her so much.

I scramble to my clumsy feet, my heart practically beating out of my chest.

"We need to talk," We both say at the same time. She takes her sunglasses off, but her eyes are a dark blue, and hold no sparkle.

That will soon change!

I try not to laugh, and hold back grin, struggling for a straight face. I barely hold it. "I know, it's about how distant I've been lately, right? I promise there's a very good reason, not an excuse, because reasons are legit while excuses are well, excuses! Not to say-" Her face grows darker. I shake my head, nervously. "I'm sorry, maybe you should go first, it may take a while to get it all out, you know how I am!" I accidentally smile.

"Do I?" She demands angrily.

The smile fades, "W-what?" I stutter. I tilt my head in confusion.

She suddenly shakes her head almost violently. "No! You do not get to try to be cute right now!"

Lost, I watch as she glares at the floor. In a dull, void of emotion voice, she flatly says, "It's over, Scarlett. We're done, this isn't going to work..."

I can't understand what she said for a moment. My heart skips a beat.

I like my suddenly dry lips, "If this is about the Long Distance thing-"

"It's about everything, Scar, don't you get that? We're going in different directions, and I don't think we're going to make it," She interrupts me, "We were fun while it lasted."

I can't believe what is coming from the lips of the person I love that most in this twisted world.

Tears begin to cloud my vision as she continues.

"We both know we're not strong enough for a commitment that big. Most people are surprised we made it this long. We're too young to be tied down like that anyway. Isn't it better to acknowledge the truth now, and save ourselves the effort?"

She's as still as a stone, and as expressive as one. It hurts that I can't read her like I normally can.

Why is she saying all this?

"Why even drag this out? I'm only saying this once more and we're square. Hear this, loud and clear: Its. Over. Scarlett. Russell."

I leave her there staring at nothing on the floor, trying to running away from the sound of my heart being ripped out.

Right before I'm out of her sight, I brave to look back, just once, and Kassandra Pettis's back is turned to me, finalizing it.

She didn't even look back.

I swear I hear my heart shatter.


(A/N: I left a note in TS, my other story, about how I don't care about how many comments/votes I get because it was an old work I created about five years ago. This one is a brand new idea I had. So, in this one, all I ask is if it's any good, if it's worth continuing off this chapter and the discription?)

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