The Beggining of Naruto

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3rd POV

"Kushina I need Naruto for the sealing." I'll be back soon." Said Minato as he left before Kushina could make any arguments. However he didn't notice that Kushina was crying at the thought of her son being a jinchuuriki like her. She knew that if a biiju attacked a village and was sealed in a kid, then the kid would be the village pariah.

With Minato

As Minato was about to go through the hand signs for Shiki Fuuin he was knocked out by Sarutobi Hiruzen the Sandaime Hokage "you fool Minato you need to live another day, and if I'm going to die I'm going to do it with my wife." Then as he finished the final hand seal the form of the god of death the shinigami appeared behind Sarutobi and it grabbed the fox pulling it into the seal on little Naruto's stomach however as more and more chakra flowed into the seal it changed colour from red to purple and Sarutobi saw this afraid he tried to stop the shinigami however it was too late as the old man known as Sarutobi Hiruzen died.

A few hours later
At the Konoha hospital

"Kushina would you like to hold Naruto before you.." Sobbed Minato as a jinchuuriki dies when the biiju escapes.
"Yes I would like to see my Naru-Kun bring him here. As she picked him up the boy with eyes of gods quickly gave chakra to this woman as he felt maternal instincts in her and she was dying as quickly as he could his chakra filled Kushina's body and she went from a deathly ill to healthy as a person in their early twenties.

This is the start of  Naruto:Eternal Mangekyou Rinne Sharingan however his good deeds will be all but forgotten as he embarks an a journey of epic proportions.

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