Chapter 1 First Encounters

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*Chapter 1 First Encounters*

*Feb 4, 2016 Val's P.O.V*

*Flashback to 9th grade*

I walked up to boyfriend Chase's house. I thought I would surprise him by bringing him Starbucks. Chase Moore is the captain of the football team and the quarterback. He is the "It" boy. His mom let me in and I smiled at her.

"Thank you," I smiled.

"You're welcome," she smiled back and I walked upstairs. His door was wide open. That's weird. I opened the door and walked in. I found him on his bed making out with Sofia, the "It" girl, aka the head cheerleader. I dropped the drink on the floor, I took my phone out, and took a video of the two making out.

"Yeah Chase, I'm totally the only girl in the world. I'm the only one for you. Thank you for all of the lies you feed me with. How long?" I asked.

"5 Months sweetheart," Sofia smirked.

"So since the day we started dating. Wow. Glad to know I'm your side fling. All those times you said I'm busy, you were with Sofia having fun," I said.

"It's not what-" He tried. I held my hand up to stop him.

"Save it for a girl who cares and will listen to your petty excuses. It's the same with all you boys. You date a girl, then you cheat on her and when you get caught you say it's not what it looks like. Well Honey, it's always exactly what it looks like. So, save that excuse for a blonde bimbo cause I'm not one," I said. I showed them the video. I opened up Insta and I clicked on the video.

"Just caught my NOW ex boyfriend making out with Sofia aka the school slut. #dumped #allboysarethesame #donewithrelationships. Now Upload," I said. I uploaded the same thing on Facebook.

*February 4, 2016*


That day I decided that I was done with love. I give up on love. I finally finished my homework. I put my homework and folders away. I opened my backpack. I looked for my diary. Nothing. Huh? where is- MY LOCKER. I grabbed my backpack. I walked out the house locking the door behind me. I started running. School was only 10 minutes away.

*10:10 P.M*

The janitor let me in.

"Val make sure the doors are locked before you exit the building when your done. Okay," He said.

"Sure thing Mr.Marley," I smiled. He left. I walked down the hall. I walked to locker 990. I opened my locker. I put my backpack inside. I grab my purse and my diary. I closed the locker door. Then the glass shattered. I ducked and covered my head with my hands. My diary flew across the floor. My hands getting cut and scratched in the process. CRIMINALS??!!!! Don't kill me!! Don't see me!!! I heard multiple footsteps. I got up and looked towards the noise. One of them had my diary.

"What do we have here?" A deep husky voice said.

"A nerdy girl at school," Another laughed. I looked at the husky voiced one. He stepped in front of me a bit. He had dark brown hair, light brown eyes, and he had a brownish pale skin tone. He was wearing a muscle shirt and jeans. You could see the outline of his 6 pack.

"Valentina Claire Montoya take a picture it will last longer," He smirked.

"How did you-" I tired.

"Sweetheart your diary is interesting and in my possession," He said flipping through the pages.

"Stop reading my diary you bastard," I said slightly annoyed.

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