Is Everything Okay?

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((Max's POV))

As soon as (Y/N) walked in I closed the door behind her so Jin couldn't bother me..(Y/N) was pretty quiet, so I don't see how that could possibly bother me.

"So...Your going to be working with me?" I asked looking at (Y/N)

"Apparently.." she said

She looked like she was a shy person, which didn't bother me at all. As long as Adam dosent tell her to call me Mad Max, I'm fine!

((Your POV))

"Your name is Max, right?" I asked as he sat on his spinning computer chair thingy

"Yea. Why? Did Adam tell you to call me something else?" he asked


He started working on something on his computer so I just kind of stood there.

"We can get you a desk sometime later today. Probably the next time someone comes to bother me. Like Jin," he said

I just nodded. I'm one of those shy people that talk sometimes but is still really shy. If that even makes probably dosen't though.

"Max! Come on! We're going to IHOP!" Ross said knocking on the door

"Isn't it still raining?" Max asked opening the door

"Are you blind?! It stopped a few minutes ago!" Ross said pulling Max and I out of the office

"Weren't you just at IHOP?" I asked looking at Ross

"Yes. But I'm still hungry!" He said

"Your always hungry.." Max said facepalming

I giggled and went outside to the car leaving Max and Ross to continue a little argument and saw Adam.

"Hey Adam!" I said walking over

"Hey (Y/N)! Did you like the office? Sorry there's not a desk for you, we can find one some other time." he said

"I liked it." I said

But I didn't tell Adam that my faviorte part of the office was sharing it with Max. He's kinda cute, and by the looks of it he's an editor to. Well, that's what Adam said.

-Time skip to when ya'll get to IHOP brought to you by Freddy Fazbear! 🐻-

((Jin's POV))

After we ordered (Y/N) looked down in her lap untill our food came out. Ross just looked at her Looking down

"(Y/N)..? You okay?" He asked

She nodded

"Is it the 'thing'?" he asked as she nodded again

"What 'thing'?" I asked

(Y/N) quickly looked up shaking her head rapidly

"(Y/N) If you wanna go home Or at least my place you can go to the car.." Ross said as She got up and ran to the car.

"Can you tell us?" afan

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