The Traveler and The Demi-Goddess

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A traveler came into the fallen city once known, as the God's Kingdom, he was trying to search for any artifacts left behind by the Gods that hasn't been taken yet. Alas, the only thing he could find was dust and decrepit houses. The Traveller was about to leave when he heard a faint cry, and out of curiosity, he searched for it and ended up seeing a crying little girl in a cottage near him.He suspected this is a trap, because what would an innocent little girl be doing in a place like this, he asked himself.He checked his surroundings for any bandit or monster that will pounce on him once he gets near the girl.He couldn't find anything or anyone but he didn't let his guard down and walked to the girl and greeted her.

"Excuse me, little girl, what are you doing in a place like this? Where are your parents?", The Traveler asked

"I'm all alone. I don't have anyone" she said and continued crying.

"It's okay. Don't cry I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm Phyll" The Traveler introduced himself. "Stay here maybe your parents are just within the city.I'm gonna go search for them"

Phyll circled the entire city and couldn't find a single evidence of anyone living here.He went back to the girl and gave her the grave news.

"Don't worry, how about you come and tag along with me and let us see if we can find your parents"

The little girl stopped crying and nodded.

"I'm Elypse and thank you Mr.Phyll," she said with a smile

"Okay hold my hand Elypse so you won't get lost and don't worry if we ran into some monsters or bandits I'll do my best to protect you."Phyll offered his hand.

Elypse didn't hesitate and quickly held Phyll's hand.

The two left the city and started their journey, along the path a wolf eating some dead animal was blocking their way. It hasn't seen them yet so they stopped and devised a plan.

"Elypse why don't you throw this rock at the wolf and I'll take care of the rest sound good ?" Phyll asked.

Elypse nods nonchalantly and grabbed the rock from Phyll.

"Okay when I give you the signal throw it, don't throw it unless I told you so okay," Phyll said

Elypse readies her hand and waited for Phyll's signal.After a few second she heard Phyll whistle and threw the rock at the wolf.She smiled and was about to ask Phyll to praise her for following his order but when she turned around Phyll wasn't with her and the wolf now staring at her started running towards her.Elypse tried to run but tripped on a rock, she started crying and shouting for help.The wolf almost mauled her to death when Phyll appeared behind it and snapped its neck.The Wolf was dead but that didn't stop Elypse from crying.

"Why did you leave me! you said you were gonna protect me"Elypse shouted at Phyll

"I'm sorry I think it was too sudden for me to be teaching you how to survive on your own but like I said I'll protect you and I did do that, come here,"Phyll said while offering Elypse a hug.

Elypse quickly accepted it and hugged Phyll.Phyll wiped the tears off Elypse's face and held her.

"Did I do good? you know surviving"Elypse said with a fake laugh

"To be honest you almost died.Now Lesson number one, face your fears and never show the enemy you're afraid or they'll use it against you" Phyll scolded Elypse.

Elypse nodded and wiped the tears off her face and the both of them continued on with their journey.

They arrived at a lake, It was getting dark and a lot of dangerous monsters comes out at dark and so they decided to camp near the lake for the night.

Phyll took out some cloth from his bag and gave Elypse one so that they can use it as a bed. She lied down on the cloth Phyll gave her, and started.sleeping. Phyll, on the other hand, took some twigs and leaves and crafted a simple alarm, for when monsters or thieves approach them after that They both slept till the wake of dawn.

Morning has come and the two have already awakened.Phyll went to the nearest lake to fish, while Elypse tried to look for some fruits for breakfast.Instead, she finds a goblin carrying a basket of apples.

Elypse wanted to impress Phyll so She decided to kill it and steal the basket from the goblin. She took a rock and held it firmly in her hand.When the moment was right she rushed to the goblin then threw the rock hard onto the goblin. But she was shocked to see the goblin still standing but its head is bleeding and screaming in anger. It dropped the basket and pounced at Elypse.

The goblin sank its teeth into Elypse's arm, blood comes gushing out and Elypse's screams didn't help, she was so scared of dying that she didn't bother getting away from the goblin's grasp, but then it hit her, the words Phyll told her. She started punching the goblin and kicking it frantically, doing everything she can just to get away from the goblin.Finally, after all those, she finally managed to loosen the goblin's grip and quickly pushed it to the ground, she closed her eyes and punched it non-stop. She paused for a moment to see if the goblin's really dead, but at the last of its breath, the goblin grabbed the rock that was thrown at him and smashed it onto Elypse's head. Elypse fell unconscious, blood streaming from her head.

"It's okay, didn't you forget that I swore I'd protect you, and it's my fault for giving you the idea of killing a monster with no experience of ever killing one will impress me.Now enough crying we need to get a move on before it gets Dark again" Phyll said while wiping the tears from Elypse's eyes.

Phyll unsheathed his knife and handed it to Elypse."You'll need this, whenever we get separated at least you have something you can use to protect yourself"

"Thank you, but what about you, what will you use ?" Elypse asked while hiding the knife in her back pocket.

"Don't worry about me, unlike you I can handle myself pretty well.Now enough talking We need to get to my house before sunset" Phyll said while packing his things.

"Okay!" Elypse said in an enthusiastic voice while helping Phyll pack

"So are you ready? take this as well. it's a potion I made from the herbs, it gives you strength and helps recover wounds", Phyll handed a tube with mixed herbs in it.

Elypse puts the potion in her pocket and thanked Phyll.

The two continued on with their journey to Phyll's house

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