"So do you still wanna study?" Scott asks Allison as hre gets the last grocery bag.

"I think she'll concentrate better on her own." My dad says.

"Guess I'll see you later then?"

"At school."

"Right." Scott says.

"Scott." Allison says.

"Eh, eh, you, on your bike, you inside."

"Oh, come on, Chris. Really? They were making out in the garage, not shooting amateur p0rn. You, with the adorable brown eyes, drop your bike. You're staying for dinner." Kate says.

"Do you eat meat?" My dad asks Scott.

"You don't mind?" Scott asks.

"Actually, no. Give us a chance to get to know each other."

I go to the kitchen with my mom and help make dinner.

When its finished I set the table and we all eat.

"Would you like something to drink besides water, Scott?" My mom asks.

"Oh - No, I'm good. Thanks."

We can get you some beer?" My dad asks.

N - no, thanks."

"Shot of Tequila?"

"Dad. Really?" Allison asks.

"You don't drink, Scott?"

"I'm not old enough to."

That doesn't seem to stop many teenagers." My mom answers.

"No, but it should."

"Good answer. Total lie, but well played, Scott. You may yet survive the night." My aunt says.

"You ever smoke pot?" My dad asks.

"Okay, changing the channel to something a little less conservative. So, Scott, uh - Allison tells us you're on the lacrosse team. I'm sorry. I don't know anything about that. How do you play?" Kate says.

"Um, well, you know hockey? It's a lot like that, only, um, played on grass instead of ice." Scott answers.

"Hockey on grass - Is called field hockey." My dad says

"Oh. Yeah." Scott says.

"So it's like field hockey, except the sticks have nets." Allison answers.

"Exactly." Scott says.

"And can you slap check like in hockey?" Kate asks.

"Um - Yeah. But it's only the, uh, the gloves and the sticks." Scott says.

"Sounds violent. I like it."

"Scott's amazing too. Dad came with me to the first game. Wasn't he good?" Allison asks dad.

"He was fine."

"He scored the last shot, the winning shot."

"True, but he didn't score at all until the last few minutes."

"His last shot ripped a hole through the goalie's net. It was incredible."

"Well, I think the goalie was probably playing with a defective stick, so -"

"You know," Scott says, "on second thought, um, I think I'll take that shot of Tequila."

"You were kidding, right?"



"I'm going to use the bathroom," Scott says getting to his feet.

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