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a low buzzing brought you back from the world of slumber

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a low buzzing brought you back from the world of slumber. you searched for the origin and found it to be your phone. you unlocked the screen to see 4 texts from your boyfriend, namjoon.

namjoon :
jagiya (8:54 pm)
im really sorry (8:57 pm)
i have schedules and cant be at dinner tonight. (9:00 pm)
ill buy you a nice dress later to make up for it, okay? (just now)

really? you had made dinner for the both of you and he wanted to buy you a dress in exchange? you couldn't believe the level of insensitivity and slumped back into the couch. you missed your boyfriend, the one you met in highschool, not the idol.
you got up from the couch and walked towards the kitchen. you picked the plates off the table and dumped the contents into the trash can. you sat down defeated in his chair and raised your palms to your eyes and began sobbing.
did he still love you? the question burned the back of your throat and made your eyes puff with tears. this was the fourth night this week he didn't come home when he promised, and he had said today was a day off.  you grabbed the remaining food and put it away in the tupperware. this would not taste the same later, reheated. before opening the fridge you looked at a small sticky note on the freezer part.

Love you lots Jagi!! Have an amazing day today! I'm gonna give you so many kisses when I see you. -Joonie.

you closed  the fridge gently and walked back to your room. He loves you, Hes just busy and you need to understand. you slid your shorts off and put on one of his shirts. being so small and thin, it fit you like a nightdress. it smelt so nice, and wrapped around you like a huge blanket. it was the closest you had to him at the time. you threw yourself on the bed and snuggled up with shirt. the night was hot, and getting under the covers would've been a sticky mess, so you layed ontop of the comforter.
you laid for hours, drifted and awoke until you heard a rustling in the corner and turned to face the clock. 12:07. you felt a hand push your hair back and plant a soft kiss on your cheekbone. you turned and faced a sad-eyed namjoon.

"Jagi? You're awake? I'm sorry babe."
he sat down on the bed next to you.

"It's okay. You can't help but be busy." you turned to face away from him.

you heard a loud sigh followed by him throwing himself back on the bed.

"Jagi, you were crying. I can tell because your eyes are puffy and you won't face me."  he turned away from you as well.

"It's okay."


"Goodnight Namjoon"

"Goodnight Babygirl"

the light in the room dissapeared.

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