Moving in

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Finally we got the best house with 11 rooms that was at a good price. Thank god. I guess I get the master bedroom cause I found it and mostly paid for it. I was taking my boxes to my room when one almost fell but someone caught it. Aaron. "Hey thanks"I said. We both walked to my room and he set it on my bed. Then left. I finished unpacking and went downstairs. "Anyone want pizza"I yelled. Everyone yelled "YES ". It was funny. I ordered and then I heard a knock at the door. It was Zane. "Oh hey come on I will show you to your room"I said. "Thanks I only have a few boxes but I will get the rest tomorrow "he said. I took him to his room. "Good size"he said. "Yea. Everyone kinda got the same sizes of rooms"I said. "Not you. You got the master"he laughed. "Yea they said since I paid more"I said. I helped him unpack and heard the doorbell. I ran downstairs. "Thank you. Let me get my wal"I couldn't finish because Aaron pushed me away and then paid. "You didn't have to pay"I said taking the pizza. "If I didn't you would've gone broke"he laughed. "Really. I have two thousand dollars in my name. I am in three wills. And I also won the lottery "I smiled. "Wow you got luck"he smiled. "You know it. Come on let's got eat"I said. Everyone came down and we ate. "Nice place"Laurence said. "Yea it really is. Better then our old place"Garroth said. "My place was better "Aaron said. "Really. My place was ok"luncida said. "Kawii'chan thought her place was perfect. But this place is way better"kawii'ch said. "I don't care"Kaitlynn said. "I do I lived in a basement. A basement "Travis said. We all laughed. We finally finished and I just watched a movie then Aaron sat by me. "Good day"he said. "Yea. Zane is staying one more night at his old place same for the boys"I said. "So what about Dante"he asked. "Oh him and Nicole said they would think about it. "I said. We watched a few movies then I think I fell asleep. I wonder if Aaron left.

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