Chapter 1

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ME: IM UP *hops out of bed and looks in the mirror* first day of school is gonna be interesting *smiles*(picks up cloths and puts them on...looks like this brushes teeth and straighens hair and runs downstairs)

ME: DADDY WHATS FOR BREAKFA......ST........NEVERMIND THANKS FOR THE PANCAKES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dad: NO PROBLEM SWEETHEART!!!!!! (eats breakfast and grabs keys and phone)

ME: DAD MOM IM LEAVING LOVE YOU!!!!! (opens then slams door shut) uhh finnaly i dont have to be stuck with a monster of a mother !!!!!!!! *hits someone* Oh im so sorr......y well ive never seen you here whats your name???

?????: h-h-hi im Jason...Jason McCann whats you name

ME: I'm __________   ___________ nice to meet you *puts hand out and shakes(while shaking hands with Jason you feel MAYJOR fireworks!!!! DAYMN he's cute)thinks that while starring into his eyes*

                                                              *Jasons' P.O.V.*

i was walking to the bus stop trying to get out of my mind the funersal bombing and the whole LVPD thing when i bumped into someone GREATTT. She fell on the floor and then got up and started apologiving untill she saw me and i saw her....she is BEAUTIFUL and when we shook hands after i told her who i was..the bomber and soon to be 16 year old prisoner. i fer MAYJOR sparks like im talking about fireworks exploding when our hands met.....i couldnt help it i looked into her eyes for a couple of seconds then leaned in...i dont know what took over me...and wait her to ?!?!?!!?!?? she leaned in too. we were just inches away from eachothers faces. I could feel her warm breth on my neck...i gave me goose bumps untill we got interupted by the bus honking and a girl screaming ___________ YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!! throwing us apart and she walked onto the buss quickly. ME: listen ________ i didnt know you have a boyfriend but i bet whoever he is he is very lucke.......

__________:THAT BASTARD*starts sobbing* he......d-d-do th-this to-to m-me

ME: what happened?????? *looks at your phone which is now right infront of my face* WOOOOOOW he is such a dick sorry__________ *_________ looks at me and leans on my chest and cries till we get to school whle i comfort her* Do you wanna make him real jelous? __________: *looks up wipes away tears and smiles* YEHH :D

ME: thank go you werent wearing make up couse you would look like shit right now *she laughs her cute laught* are you ready to make him jelous yet ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! *i grin*

________: yehh lets go *grins*

*we get up off the bus and I grabs _________'s hand and hold it. at first she tence up but then she go along with it. We walk into the principals office to get my sedual and __________ has the same as me*

____________: shit thats him

what happens next O.o lmfaoo i was bored n i gotta go to bed cause ppl are bein bastards n skrew up my thinking process so i get all snappy so byeee xoxo~Jazzy :D <3

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