Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

"Home is where the heart is." ~ Pliny the elder


12:00 PM

"Yo! What the fuck did you do?" I said pushing Jass. "I cheated. I know I fucked up." Jass said looking down. "Son I swear if you wasn't a female I wouldn't beat yo ass." I walked off and went out after Y/n. It's fucked up how Jass did her.

I ran out but she had already pulled off. I hopped in my truck and tried to follow her. But I lost her. I just went to the beach. I go there, you know, to clear my head.

Y'all probably like why your head messed. Well honestly I've had feeling for Y/n since that one day she came to my house and we had that water balloon fight.


I told Y/n to come over so we could study. But we got bored. I decided to wash my truck. Y/n said she would but she don't have the "wash my car clothes" on. I said she could just wear her bra and panties and I would give her my shirt and boxers to wear till hers was clean. She agreed and stripped right in front of me. Her body was tight. She had a little toned stomach and nice c cup boobs that sat up on their own. Her ass was fat but not too big where it looked out of place. She was perfect.

We went out to clean our trucks and she splashed some water on me. Whether it was on accident or not I was getting her back. That how our water fight began. But its not how it started but how it ended.

She hid from me and I went looking for her. She jumped on my back and held on to me. I lightly threw her on the ground and pinned her down. I looked her in her chocolate brown eyes. Then down to her button nose. Then I looked down at her pink plump lips. Her face and body was perfect. Her personality was a 10. In my mind I thought. "If only she wasn't gay."

I was snapped back into reality when she flipped us over and sprayed me with a hose. "I win haha." She laughed in my face. "Oh whatever. You lucky. I saw a big ass booger in your nose. It hypnotized me." I laughed. She laughed and we went inside.


I fell for her over these couple of months. She was everything I ever wanted. Kaylen wasn't it. No other female could make me feel how Y/n makes me feel.

I walked along the beach to the cliff and I saw a woman. She was crying into her knees that were pushed into her chest. I sat adjacent to her. "Hey, you wanna talk about it?" I asked her. I thought hey I could help someone. "Well my ex girlfriend cheated on me with a girl who hates me, so deeply." She chuckled. "Crazy that just happened to someone I know..." I thought about it. "Y/n?" I said getting closer to her. "Chris?" She looked up and flew into my arms. She just cried into my shirt and I just held her. "I'm so sorry this happened to you. I'm going to make her pay for this. No one should every hurt you like this again." She sniffled. "No one will. Cause I don't want to be gay anymore. Chris I heard about you're rep and I want you to change me from being gay." She said looking up at me. "Y/n its not easy. If you want this you have to commit to being....with me. Like sexually." I admitted to her. "Okay is that it? No need to say no strings attached I already know."

I felt my heart drop to my stomach. My rep might have just ruined any chance I had with Y/n.

"Other than that no rules. Unless you have some." I said. "No nothing at all." She said.


"Yo what the fuck is wrong with you!" I yelled at Talia. "Please don't act like you didn't enjoy every minute of it. You don't remember me moaning your name. You saying I was the best you ever had. You remember that?" She said walking around me in a circle. "Bitch is you a vulture or something. Plus this was a mistake. Stay away from me." I said walking away. "Bitch how a mistake go on for days?" She yelled.

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