Chapter 7-Happy

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Chapter 7

"Aiden, I gave you two chances." Josh said sternly while he casually planted his feet into the ground.

"You're the reason she broke up with me aren't you?"

"No, she broke up with you because you didn't treat her the way she deserves and you were cheating on her. I think that's reason enough." Lucas moved Riley backward, still not making eye contact and had his jaw clenched. Aiden's smile disappeared and he swung knocking Josh in the jaw. His friend swung at Lucas but missed and got a blow to the face.

"AIDEN STOP!" Maya screeched. Riley watched Lucas, hardly recognizing him anymore. Her hands fell to her side, as she stared at him punching Aiden's friend. Lucas glanced up, and had to do a double take, he was staring into the empty eyes of Riley and immediately stopped what he was doing to back away. The brunette finally felt like she could breathe. Lucas sauntered towards Josh and pulled him off of Aiden.

The quarterback turned his body to the side and picked Aiden up by the shirt. "I don't know who you are, and I don't really give a damn. But you're going to get the hell out of here, and thank God that my girl just saved you and your friend." His tone was so demanding, it was almost sexy as he dropped Aiden back on his feet.

"Good ridents."

The green eyed man stepped forward and his stare even made Josh shiver. "Excuse me?" Lucas whispered.

"I said good ridents to both Maya and Auggie." Riley's chin trembled as she watched Lucas punch him, knocking him to the ground than knocking him unconscious. He moved his eyes to try to find Riley, the blonde girl was holding her as she was bursting into tears.

"Take Aiden and get the hell out of here!" Josh exclaimed, Lucas was already beside Riley.

"Come here." The brunette threw herself into his chest. "It's okay." He whispered. "He was just being an ass, he didn't mean that Riles." Maya moved her eyes from her best friend to Lucas. "You okay Maya?" She shook her head and ran to her boyfriend. "Come on beautiful, let's get you home." He picked her up off the ground and carried her to his truck, inhaling her perfume.


After a 30 minute car ride, and 30 minutes at home Riley finally stopped crying. "Are you okay?" She whispered while Lucas was washing his hands in the sink, getting a few cuts from that guys teeth clean.

"Are you?" She slowly nodded. "Then yes, i'm good." The brunette sauntered towards him and tried dusting off his shirt. "Don't worry about it, i'll wash it."

"That's a nice dress shirt." He started to unbutton it when she stepped backwards.

"Easy, i'm just changing shirts. I look pretty great in fancy clothes but they aren't comfortable." Her brown eyes couldn't help but notice his extremely chiseled physique, his back was noticeably wide even from the front and his shoulders looked like rocks. She hastily turned around and went into the garage, landing on the air mattress. "Hey, can I ask you something?"

"You can."

"Why'd you run away as soon as Josh said 'double date'?" Lucas sat in front of her and tried to study her eyes.

"I felt happy for a second." She wiped the tear away and licked her lips. The quarterback grinned. "I shouldn't be though, I just lost my baby brother." She put her face into the pillow and cried, his phone started to ring so he lightly scratched her back.

Hey Cory and Topanga are going out to dinner with my parents.
Thanks Josh. You good?
Yeah. You?
Right as rain. Y'all staying tonight?
Yeah, we are. Fixing to watch a movie. Take good care of her.

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