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The muscles in my legs and back unclenched themselves, and I noticed my body becoming cold as the tentacles of frigid air permeated my under layers.

"Step out so I can clean this up." My dad said, "Are you sure you're ok."

"It was a little scary." I lied. It was a lot scary.

I didn't want my dad to know how close I was to crying. Not from being scared, but from how cold I was getting. I stood in the cold while he cleaned up the glass shards that were sprinkled across the back half of the car. 

In my state of confusion I failed to look where I stepped when I got out of the car. Both my shoes got filled with dirty snow from the side of the road, and the grainy slush sent stabbing pains into feet. My  dad used an envelope to scoop up the glass while I stood there and imagined we had been targeted by hidden forest assassins, snipers in the tree's.

"A rock must have come down the hill and hit the window." My dad said. It reassured me to know it had only been a rock. 

"Why is there so many pieces?" I asked.

"It's safety-glass, it breaks up into these tiny pieces so you don't get cut. Seems like it worked pretty well, just a bitch to pick up."

Whenever my dad swore it made me feel uncomfortable, and I was cold. "Can I put my jacket on?" I asked.

"Sure, I'm almost done."

My hands hurt, and my teeth started to chatter. When he was done he opened the trunk to grab my jacket but it was as cold from being in the back of the car. My boots sat next to the blue box, but they looked so cold I didn't want to mention them. The thought of pushing my frozen feet into them was too much to think about. 

 Each breathe I took came in chunks, my shoulders shivered, and I tried to hold still when my dad put my jacket on me. I felt rubbery and weak.

My Dad rubbed my shoulders a few times, stood up, and said,"Come sit up front with me." 

I got into the passenger seat and buckled up. The slush in my shoes had melted. Now my feet were beyond numb. M socks were wet, but I knew all I could do was wait until the car got warmed up again.

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