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Alice finally found the power to look down and pick up the biggest shard of the looking glass. She had to look again, to prove she just imagined it.

She cautiously brought it to her face and sure enough it wasn't her old one. It looked like her, but older with more pronounced features. Her jaw was sharper and thinner with a pointed bottom not a curve and her cheekbones were promanant. Her eyes looked wiser as if they had expirienced a lot of the world as they swam in terror and confusion. All in all she looked about 17.

It was strange because she knew she was now 17 yet she knew she wasn't actually.

'Oh what nonsense all this is!' she cried to herself sitting on the floor. 'I must go back, back up the hole...although i've never been able to before...but then again i've never tried!'

She stood back up and rushed back to the bottom of the hole. She searched but couldn't find anything, no ladder, nothing that could get her back to the top.

She sighed. 'I'll have to go through to Wonderland to get back!'

She shuffled her way back, suddenly exhausted and picked up the bottle.

Realisation dawned upon Alice and she cried, 'Why, if i shrink it may make me my proper age again!' She then followed the exclaimation with a gulp of the substance and felt herself shrink. But alas, she was still not herself.

She sighed then took the key from her pocket and opened the door that she was now the perfect size for. Cautiously she stepped one foot in the the other and suddenly she heard the door lock behind her with a defiant clank.

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