Remember you

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I will remember you
She got her own crib with a twin bed
In west Hollywood, she uptown
And she dance to her favorite song
And sing along when no one's around
I will remember you
I will remember you
I have known Gerald Gillum since I was in preschool. We kind of liked each other, but now we're older and out of college.
I feel like he totally forgot me, doesn't remember me anymore. We were best friends in preschool, and he was my first love, I was his first love too.
Yeah, back when the first time we met
I was thinkin' 'bout sex but you told me not yet
I meant no disrespect I was just being honest, my only regret was
Never letting you know how I felt or what was up
That was too much Maker's in my cup
I was faded, too fucked up
And you probably think I'm an asshole
Read your facial expression
But it's not everyday someone comes and leaves an impression
I heard he sings music and had a lot of fans. I started listening to his music, and Remember you came on. I've heard it before, but when I looked at the lyrics, it was about us.
Some of it was mixed up though, to make it sound better. He didn't really ask me if I wanted to fuck with him, he asked if he could kiss me. I nodded and he did, wow, he was my first kiss.
His parents hated each other and fought a lot. Until his dad left and I stayed to cheer him up, but then his mom found a new person to love. It was a woman, but I didn't judge, they both seemed very happy. Gerald and I walked home from second grade and went to his house. We walked down to the basement, cause that was where we kissed. We had found Gerald's new mom dead. He cried and we ran to my house.
Typin' shit to say to you then deletin' it on my phone when I'm textin'
Cause I still be thinkin' about you like every day, no question
But, I ain't really tryin' to fly out
And I'm no good at phones
And my life is on the road
I'm with the crew of Rolling Stones, but don't trip
I'm going to get concert tickets to see him again. I'll get VIP tickets to, so I'll see how he's doing.
Gerald's POV
I still have my old crappy phone I had in second grade. I had (Y/N)'s number in my contacts, so I put it on my new phone and texted her.
G- Hey it's me, your first love.
You- Gerald? Is that you?
G- Yeah, I miss you so much.
You- Omg me too! I'm coming to your concert and getting VIP tickets.
G- Oh no! You don't have to get VIP tickets, I'll know it's you silly!
You- Ok, but I'll still get a good seat.
G- Ok, love, see you tonight!
You- Ok sweets, bye.
Oh my god! I can't wait to see my first love again.
~~8:47 pm~~
Your POV
I saw him by the merchandise table signing autographs and stuff. I walked up to him," Hey Gerald!" He looked up at me." (Y/N)! You're here!" He hugged me tightly.
~~after show~~
I saw him talking to his fans. He saw me and said they have to go now.
The place was now empty, and Gerald and I were the only people there. He walked up to me and put hair behind my ear. He kissed my forehead and said," I still remember you." I smiled." You were the only thought on my mind when you left."
"Gerald!" I called from downstairs. I saw him peek out from behind his door and smile." (Y/N)!" He exclaimed happily. He sprinted downstairs and have me a quick kiss on the lips." Mommy! (Y/N)'s here." He said happily. She came from her bedroom and smiled," Oh hello honey. You two go have fun!" We nodded and he took my hand leading me to the basement. He kissed me and we cuddled." I know, we're only in 1st grade and pratically dating. I don't care though, I love you." "I love you too G."
~~two days later (still flashback)~~
"Gerald!" I called sadly. He ran down stairs and kissed my cheek." (Y/N/N), what's wrong?" He asked worriedly." My dad is making me leave, he hates you and doesn't want me to see you." He said," NO!!! You can't leave me!" I put my hands on his soft cheeks and rubbed them gently with my thumbs." Goodbye Gerald." He started crying, and I pecked his lips." I-I'm sorry. I promise I'll try and visit you. Every month." I said sadly.
I was fully packed and about to leave on the bus. I stared out of the window and saw Gerald choking on sobs. I ran off the bus and kissed him, it was a long passionate loving kiss." I love you, nothing will EVER seperate us. I will remember you." With that, I left.

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