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Pen Your Pride

A Khalil Underwood( love story starring you)

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You are walking home from school when you see Khalil Underwood. You say" I know I must be dreaming!" He walks up to you and says hello your speechless.Then he gives you a hug, then he says do you watch my videos? You answer yes. You fant in his arms. He lays you down, then he go to a near a river.He comes back with freash water,pours it on your head.You wake up and u get really excited.He comes you down so u wont fant again. You are all better now. Khalil gave you his number.He said in a soft voice (hey I really like you heres my number) You start walking home.On the way home you see Bugatti Beez you run up to him he shocked in surprise.(He says What's up ) You say the sky!! Both of you laugh.Then Bugatti beez gives you his number,you take the number he ask you on a date.You answer yes.He hugs you than you both walk away.

Later on that day  you get a call, the call is from Khalil you scream you shout  and let it all out. You answer the phone You say hello.He say (hi whats up ive been meaning to ask you something ).What? you answer back.He says he wants to take you on a date.You scream yes, he says (cool).Then you start listen to Cher Loyd.Then you  think to your self Khalil just asked me out then Bugatti beez.Man im screawed.You say I have to come up with a plan .I sat there all night thinking about what to do.I get a text from both of them.It says lets meet at the Hokie-Pokie-Diner.You say yes .You go do what an average teenager would do to get dress you put on   makeup,lipgloss,your favorite hot pink dress and your dimond studs.

You finally get there than Khalil shows up.You both sit down and talks.Moments later Bugatti beez shows up.He comes to the table Khalil says Hello this is my date!! isn't she pretty? Bugatti beez makes a werid face0.o No he answers this is my girl you got it all wrong shes mine.You  look surprised Both of them stands up about to fight when something be continued......

Hey guys sorry it tok me so long jan 31st be looking for an updated two chapters or more

   o no you scream why did I wait too handle this meanwhile Bugatti beez  and Khalil are fighting you get asked  by Bugatti bees did u say yes to Khalil Khalil says did you say yes Bugatti beez you sigh you face turns red as an apples yes it. is true that is all I need to hear Khalil says Khalil you scream don't go . oh so now u got feelings for him now oh okay dats  whts up doe bye mane wait please Bugatti please don't go .naw I think IMA go because sum smell fishy.damn im such a dumb ass why did i do tht? i couldnt control myself

they are both hella fine this is one of those moments when i need my moms advice *sighs doesnt want to go to mother because she thinks she is always right* maybe if i call and explain to them than they will maybe understand. *calls bugatti beez*  rings rings ( your call has been forwarded  to an automatic voice message system at the tone please record your message when u are finish recording hang up or press 1for more options hey loook im really sorry i had some things going on and i was really mixed up i want you and only you please call me back ).

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