Chapter 30: The Finale Pt. 2

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His eyes stared at me as the gun released a light sheet of smoke from the shot. The bullet had gone straight through him and into the wall behind us, leaving a small hole in its wake. He fell back lifelessly as his body hit the ground. The room fell completely silent after the gunshot. It rippled through in deafening volumes as the sound of Shaq's body falling against the ground  amplified it.

No one moved at first, after Shaq fell, we all just kind of froze. Blood was shattered against the white walls and had started to run down in streaks. Jess and Commander jumped into action immediately, disarming Shaq's men before they could draw their weapons again. All eyes were then on me.

I was still holding the gun out.

"Winter?" Jess asked quietly, taking very small steps toward me. "Winter..." She whispered again. I could barely hear anything as ringing in my ears hadn't stopped since. My hand started to shake again as uncontrollable tears began to stream down my face. Jess rushed towards me and grabbed the gun before slowly setting it back down on the table.

"You're okay, baby, you're okay." She whispered as she embraced me, rubbing my back comfortingly like my mother had. The tears continued to roll down my cheeks as my hands numbly wrapped around her back.

Commanders phone went off somewhere besides us as he answered it and started speaking. I couldn't make out the conversation over the ringing but after he was done, he moved closer beside me and Jess.

"My team will be here any minute to clean everything up. We will be taking K.C. In, along with Shaq's men."

Jess nodded, pulling my body up as she coaxed me out of the house with Tyler falling shortly behind. "Winter?" She called again. I turned to her, my face still wet with tears. "I have to stay with the commander. Tyler will take you home." Jess continued as she slowly released my body for Tyler to step forward.
He quickly wrapped his hands around me as he lead me down the driveway towards his car. I slid into the passenger seat and let him reach over to buckle me.

The ringing had started to fade and I was brought back to reality, or present day, or whatever the hell this was. I looked over at Tyler as he got into the drivers seat and started the engine. His hair was a mess, tossed every which way as if he had just woken up. I reached up and brushed it back. His hand froze as he glanced over at me, his eyes softening immediately.

"How are you holding up?" He asked.

"I love you." I said quietly, it slipped out before I even knew what I was saying. I wasn't sure if it was the life or death situation that provoked that comment but I didn't regret saying it.

"Winter I-" Tyler froze, probably trying to tell me it would be okay but I wouldn't let him. Instead my hands wove into the hair on the back of his head as I brought his head to mine before closing the distance with my lips.

"Winter." He moaned as I deepened the kiss.

"I love you." I whispered again as I took his bottom lip between my teeth. "I love you I love you I love you." I moaned in between kisses as I tugged aggressively at his shirt. He reluctantly pulled away, keeping hold on my neck as he smiled back at me.

"I love you too." He said, as his hands played with my baby hairs against the nape of my neck.

We just sat there and stared at each other, no one moving until more black SUV's started to pull up around the house. "We should head home." He said finally. I nodded, pulling away further as he threw the car in reverse. I liked the sound of that. Home.


We arrived at the home shortly after, pulling up into the driveway as the sun was going down. Tyler got out and came around to the drivers seat to unbuckle me. I chuckled slightly. "I can unbuckle myself you know."

"Yeah but I want to." Tyler replied, smiling.

He pulled me into the house, tugging my body closer as his lips connected with mine again, this time, growing even more heated. I tugged him up the stairs by his collar as we stumbled to my room. The room was colder than average but that would soon change. We fell into the bed as his hands slid against my body, his lips never leaving mine. My body felt like it was on fire, every place he touched ignited a new feeling inside of me.

Warning! Somewhat mature content, not really though. Kinda-ish? I dunno man, read at your own discretion.
In seconds, minutes, hours, who the hell knew- clothing fell to the floor and Tyler was inside of me, making me moan out his name as he pushed further into me. I pulled his lips back to my own as I moaned against him.

As we fell from our high, he pulled my body further into him, my curves molding into his as we stared at each other, noses touching.

"I was thinking.." Tyler started.

"Oh no." I replied, both of us grinning. The air around us was heated yet both of us together under these sheets felt good.

"Oh shut it. I was thinking that maybe I shouldn't be building a new home."

"Mhm." I replied, tickling his nose with mine, "I was doing some thinking of my own."

"Where you now?"

"Oh yeah. I was thinking..." I started, sliding my hand to his neck to plant a light kiss against his lips before pulling away, "... That this house might be big enough for two."

"Mhhmm." He moaned, pulling my body even closer to his, "I like all this thinking you've been doing." I grinned back, leaning forward to connect our lips once more.

"Maybe I'll let you pick out some Adolf Hitler Originals to toss in the fire. We'll call it initiation."


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