My mother hasn't woke up yet, the doctors must have put her on heavy meds. I grab her donut that was still placed in the bag, and threw it out. It grew stale.

Beginning to get thirsty, I left the room to go back to the cafeteria. I made myself a coffee, with creamer and foam. The cafeteria had appeared less full, and I walked back to my mother's room. I sat in the same seat as before.

My breath caught as the monitor sitting next to me started beeping continuously. The line went dead, no curves, or jumps. It went dead, a straight flat line.

I stood up, "what, no."

I jabbed at the nurse button, but two doctors flooded in, and pushed me aside.

"What are you doing?" I bursted out.

One of them took her arms, and placed two of his fingers on her wrist. The other started touching her neck, and her chest pulse. Someone grabbed my wrist, and pulled me out of the room. It was the nurse.

"It's for your own good," she stated, and pushed me out, locking the door behind her.

My fists connected with the door, "what are you doing? Let me in!"

I can't believe this. This can't be true, I came back to apologize, and check in on my mother. not be here for her funeral. I just-

Tears started, and my fists kept hitting the door, "let me in this goddamn room before I break the door down!"

The nurse peeped through the blinds inside the room, and my eyes widened at her, "let me in!"

"Ma'am, I'm going to have take you outside," a man in a uniform spoke to me.

I could tell he was a security guard, but I wasn't going to let him separate me from my mother.

"Over my dead body," I seethed.

I began banging on the door again, and the man picked me up, launching me over his shoulder. He began walking away, and before I knew it I was outside sitting on the curb in the front of the hospital, having the worst day of my life.