5, Prepping For A Journey (Slide Show)

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Chapter 5, Prepping For A Journey

"Do you really think that?" asked Renee quietly.

"It's a possibility..." I said. Isn't it?

"We gotta get out of here!" exclaimed Missy in pure terror.

But to make that idea less appealing, the sky rumbled mightily and the rain fell from the clouds in a waterfall.

"I guess we can't walk," said Whitney flatly.

"Why would we, though?" exclaimed Sabrina. "There might be a kidnapper out there!"

"Well, what do you suggest we do?" asked Missy freshly.

"We could walk to the neighbor's house," suggested Sabrina.

"But maybe they're the kidnappers! We can't trust anyone!" I said, a bit paranoid.

"Old Mrs. Lanters isn't capable of being evil," said Sabrina matter-of-factly.

"Oh yeah... She's like sixty, right?" I asked.

"Sixty-three. She was a police officer way-back-when," she added.

"So she'll know what to do in a situation like this?" asked Whitney smartly.

"Probably," answered Sabrina. No one spoke. 

"Should we go over?" I asked, interupting the silence. 

"I don't think we should all go, one or two of us," said Sara. 

"Why?" asked Nikki curiously. 

"Well if we all go, we might all become prisoners of a stranger if we're captured," she said. 

"But there's power in numbers," said Renee. 

"But I don't think our number is big enough either way," I said, coming to the horrid realization of this. 

"So two of us will go to Mrs. Lanters's house?" check Missy. 

"Yes," answered Sabrina. 

"Just to clarify, neither of those people are me," replied Missy. 

"Selfish..." I muttered under my breath so no one could hear, apparenty Nikki did though, because she started giggling without Missy's noticing. 

"So who'll go?" I asked. 

"I will," said Sabrina gravely. 

"But it's your birthd-" began Renee. 

"And that's the reason for everyone's disappearance!" she exclaimed

"Sabri-" I began, trying to reason with her. 

"No. I'm going," she said, laying down the law. 

"Okay okay," I said. "Who else? I'll go if no one else wants to, but I'd rather not be the first pick because..." My cheeks turned red. "Because I'm not the best person to be with when you're in a life-threatening battle. I'm a little..." My face glowed crimson. "weak..."

"Good point," said Sabrina, totally agreeing. "So who'll it be then?"

We were interupted by a cell-phone ringing. All the guests procured their mobiles. 

"It's me," said Renee. "But no one is calling." She rechecked her phone screen. "Nope." 

"What do you mean no one is calling?" asked Sabrina. 

"Well, about a month ago, I dropped my phone in the toilet. It's been playing random system ringtones randomly ever since. And when someone actually does call me, it just vibrates! Ridiculous, right?"

"Oh my god, guys! We're so stupid!" I exclaimed. 

"What?" said everyone in unison. 

"Why don't we call the police!?" I asked loudly. 

Everyone sat and swilveled their heads towards me in silence. Suddenly, they all jumped up and ran to the kitchen. Sabrina reached it first. 

"No dial-tone," she said, devastated. 

"Let's check the other ones!" said Missy. We rushed around the house checking all the phones. No luck on any of them. 

"Cell-phones?" suggested Nikki. 

"I can't call people ever since I dropped it in the toilet," said Renee. 

"Mine just died," said Sara, looking at her screen in dismay. 

"I have no service," said Nikki and I together. We both had the same phone company. 

"My mom took my phone as a punishment," said Missy, frowning. 

"My mom disabled talk on mine. She said she didn't want me talking to any creepy people that I shouldn't be..." said Whitney. Her mother is a little paranoid and over-protective. 

"Sabrina?" we all asked. 

"I'm over my minutes. And for the contract I'm on, if you go over so much, then they charge you extra and shut off your talk function for the month..." She frowned. 

"Then we'll use plan A, to the neighbors!" I exclaimed quickly. 

"I'll go," said Sara. 

"You sure? The dangers are pretty high and-" I started to ramble. 

"Look, do you want me to go or not?" she asked sharply. "Because it sounds like you're trying to unconvince me."

"I'm just being paranoid," I answered and decided to shut up. If they didn't want to know the dangers of the little expedition, then let it be.

"So we'll need a flashlight, my house keys, in case we get locked out, Mrs. Lanters house keys, in case she isn't there, and..." 

Sabrina walked over to one of the tan cabinets. She tugged open the door, shoving various nick-nacks around until seeing a small back compartment. She stuck the miniscule key that she keeps on her phone chain inside the lock. Sabrina extracted a hand-gun with two bullets. "Just in case."

Her and Sara hugged us and we kissed their cheeks. For all we know, we may not ever see them again. 

"Bye," we squealed. 

"Bye," they echoed, a lot less enthusiastic. 

So they left. 

And as we sat on the edges of our seats, goosebumps raising the hair on our arms, our bodies quivering so much that the room seemed to be shaking. 

Then, piercing the night rain, came a single gun-shot- blasting terror into our souls.


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