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I couldn't believe what my ears had just heard.

Sophie had just informed me about Sebastian's ... Indiscretions.

Basically he was a 'man ho' as she called it, but I grew up expecting these kinds of things. Still, it didn't feel good now that I was having to live the way my 'mother' told me I would. I thought Sebastian would be different; kind, somehow.

Delannah said my husband, whoever it might be one day, would more than likely have mistresses, but that I could ensure he had his focus on me by keeping him satisfied and to never bring up whatever indiscretions he had.

That didn't feel right to me but it wasn't a surprise.

No, I was surprised about something else entirely.

Apparently vampires aren't the only supernatural creatures that exist, but also werewolves.

Werewolves for crying out loud!

Sophie had informed me that there are four she-wolves who work in the castle. They were cast out of their packs for having their virginity taken by someone other than their mates, so the strict packs had thrown them out. Sebastian took them in one by one, offering to care for them and give them a home and in return, they let him.... feed from them.

She said the wolves are more powerful than humans so it keeps his thirst at bay for longer and that every single one of those she-wolves has tried to get in his pants.

Key word: tried.

Apparently he really doesn't like anything but vampire women from what Sofie said.

Just my luck. I leave one hell hole only to be thrown into this twisted fantasy world where my future husband has werewolves at his beck and call for blood purposes. Would I have to deal with vampire women too? Apparently I would.

A woman, a Vampire woman - she works in the castle. She's Magnus' secretary and she and Sebastian have had a ... history. Jeslyn.

Sophie said her name is Jeslyn and that she is old, somewhere near sixty. Not a pureblood - just a changeling.

Apparently they are 'friends with benefits.'

Well they were.... until the week of my arrival, then his father had a talk with him and all actions ceased.

And that made her angry.

She wanted to be Queen or something which Sofie thought was delusional because she's just a worker. So now not only do I have this whole entire ordeal to get used to, but now I have to watch my back for this vampire named Jeslyn and the four she-wolves who are in some sort of infatuation with Sebastian. I couldn't remember their names but Sofie assured me I wouldn't have to be alone when I faced them. She would be there with me. The wolves were only workers - maids.

Just great... Drama I don't need.

I had a mild panic attack upon hearing the information she told me but she was able to calm me down, talk sense to me. I could work through this. I was trained for this. This was what Delannah meant all those years when she said married life wouldn't be easy for me and she was right.

We were currently going through the catalogue of endless room decor to ease my mind, which helped only slightly because I had no idea what I would even choose. I had never chosen anything in my life, not even the clothes I wore. All this was new - I didn't even think I had a favorite anything.

Sighing, I scanned the catalogue of bed spreads and pillow cases, looking for something that called to me, but my mind was still playing on the wolves and the vampire hag who were after what was supposed to be mine.

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