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"Amria we need to talk." Cedrick my boyfriend said.

"What's up baby." I said

"Us." He said

"What do you mean us Ced." I said confused

"This is not going to work no more with us." He used his finger pointing between us.

"Ced don't do this to me. All these years we had together but now you want to leave. I mean what ever I'm doing work I can fix it just give me some time please." I said begging

"You can't fix it. Your to fucking fat."

When Amria heard those words her world shattered. She gave so much to this man. She loved,cared for him when he needed. But he didn't want to be in a relationship with her no more because she was fat. Amiar chuckled when he said that.

"I'm fat. But this fat women help a boy with a lot of his bull shit. I'm so fucking sorry all the girls you dated were skinny or thick." She yelled

"Calm down Mria." He said

"No only people who love call me that name. Just take your stuff and get out." She pointed to the door.

"My pleasure to leave." He said.

When left Amria locked her doors and broke down crying. She loved that men. But i guess he didn't love her back

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