Two - Will you be the Luke Skywalker to my Darth Vader?

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Two - Will you be the Luke Skywalker to my Darth Vader?

Aria's POV

I get out of the car and look around, the street is completely empty and looks like a place people go to die in a horror movie. Then again, people die in their attics in horror movies. Attics are scary though, who is stupid to go up there anyway? You going to die if you go in an attic. Everyone knows that except the silly white people in the horror movies.

I look around but there is nobody here, turning back around I look up at the big dark building. Maybe they're in there? "But why would I go in there if they're in there?" What if they don't expect it? "Good point." I say to myself as I walk towards the building.

I'd be an amazing actress for the next Haunted House movie because what I am doing right now is probably stupid enough to go into one of those movies.

I take a bobby pin out my hair and jiggle it in the lock of the door causing it to swing open. Huh, I never though that would actually work.

I was basically just like YOLO. No, don't ever think that again, Aria. YOLO should have never been a thing. Just no.

I look up at the huge entrance. Wow, this is like a palace. There is a golden chandelier hanging from the tall roof and marble staircases on both sides of the entrance. The light gives a golden haze to the entire room making it look very expensive.

I bet it echo's, "Hello!" I shout and my voice reverberates around the room. I block my mouth, WHY DID I JUST SHOUT? Oh my god I am going to die!

I turn around to run out the door before I get caught when I hear a voice, "Is someone watching porn because I am pretty sure I heard a girls voice and-" the voice stops and I slowly turn back around.

A guy with messy sandy blond hair is standing shirtless in the doorway with wide eyes. "Oh my gosh, its a girl! It's a real girl. Wait, why is there a girl here?" he starts talking to himself and frowning. My eyes wonder down to his body. Nice. "Vincent! Vincent, why is there a pretty girl in our foyer?" he shouts and it echo's. "Echo." I shout and it echo's off the walls.

"Deez nuts." I shout and it echo's as well. I was caught anyway so I got nothing to loose. "Uh, hi." the guy says with a smile, "May I ask what you are doing here?"

"Well, my-" I start explaining when I am cut off by a deep voice, "Daniel, why the fuck are you shouting?" a guy with dark brown hair asks, walking into the room from a different door. This place is huge and there are so many doors, I have to play hide and seek here.

"Language." I scold and he looks at me. "Am I dreaming or is that a girl?" the blond guy- Daniel- asks. "Who are you and how did you get into this place?" The guy who I am assuming is Vincent growls. This is the guy that I spoke to on Kayden's phone, he has my brother.

"You know, for kidnappers you really need better security." I say and take the bobby pin out my hair, wiggling it in the air. "There is this magical object known as a bobby pin that can open doors that are not secure." I say.

The tall, dark haired guy presses a red button and huge bolts slide across the wooden door. "Yeah, that's better." I squeak.

"Who are you?" he says, walking towards me. I start backing away until my back hits the door and I freak out, "Did you know that the reason Patrick Star is so stupid is because he actually lives under a rock? I mean, I have been watching spongebob forever and I didn't realize that. Also, if Spongebob was working at the Crusty Crab since he was sixteen and he has worked there for thirty one years it means Spongebob is fourty seven years old." I start rambling.

Vincent reaches me and slams his hand against the door, next to my head. I flinch to the side. "I said, who are you?" he growls. Wow, this guy is really tall and what's up with him and growling? Okay yeah, it is pretty intimidating when he does it.

I slip under Vincent's arm and run towards the stairs when someone's arms wrap around my waist and spins me around. I turn to face Daniel, "Oh my god! I'm touching a girl." he says in excitement. Is Daniel fangirling?

I am about to scream when Daniel clamps his hand over my mouth and so I do the first thing that comes to mind, I bite him. He squeals and jumps back, away from me. We all stand there, frozen as Daniel looks between Vincent and I, after a few seconds of silence Daniel breaks it, "She bit me!" he whines in realization.

I chuckle and dash up the stairs as fast as my feet can take me. "Fucking catch her!" Vincent screams. "Language!" I shout as I run down one of the corridors. I see a door to the right and I push it open, shutting the door behind me and leaning against it, trying to catch my breath.

My eyes scan the room, it's a simple bedroom with a closet, a bed and another door that I am assuming is the bathroom.

The door to the bathroom swings open, "Kebab sticks." I say to myself and look up at the person who walked into the room.

He has curly blond hair and is really tall with an awesome jawline. My eyes lower down to his body which is just covered from the waist down by a towel that is loosely draped around his waist. "Is your name Daniel cause damn." I say.

Well, his name can't be Daniel cause the other guys name was Daniel. Maybe they have the same name, who knows?

The guy just raises his eyebrows at me and smirks, not saying anything. After a while of staring at each other in silence I hear Vincent screaming from somewhere in the distance, "Where did that little bitch go?"

The guys eyes widen but before he can say anything I run up to him and tackle him to the ground, clamping my hand over his mouth. "Mmmhu huu." he tries to talk.

"So now you talk?" I ask.

The door swings open to reveal an angry looking Vincent. I bet if this was a cartoon there would be steam coming out of his ears.

Daniel walks in behind Vincent, "Well, you work fast." he says to me and looks down towards my body that is straddling the stranger I just tackled.

"Cody, how did a girl tackle you?" Daniel asks, trying not to laugh. "I wasn't expecting it." Cody mumbles under his breath.

"Get up, both of you." Vincent commands and I get up, Cody following. "Will you be the Luke Skywalker to my Darth Vader?" I ask Vincent.

"Who are you?" Vincent asks, giving me a death glare.

"I am your father."

Something hard hits me against the head, making my vision go black.


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