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Hey everyone. Thank you for sticking by this story with me(: I want to thank you for all your votes, and views and comments. It makes me oober happy. You woke up next to Raphael around 9:30. You sat up and rubbed both your eyes. You then felt a warm hand rub your back as u heard an exhale. You turned your head to see Raphaels goldenLike eyes looking at you as he gave you a tired smile. But he was sexy when he did it. You leaned down and gave him a french kiss as he french kissed you back. You felt him smile as he did this. It wasnt sexy, or mysterious. It was a Happy laughable kiss. He was so happy to have you in his life. Before he met you, he was a clumsy, big oaf, with an attitude. Even Ninja's arent perfect with balance, but they try ;) As you felt this smile you asked "What." as you giggled with the continued kissing. He sat up with you on his lap and stared into your eyes as He then kissed your forehead with his thumb afterwards rubbing it and looked back at you. "I love you, Y/N. Please don't ever leave me. We have had our ups and downs but please, Please don't leave me. Your my everything." Your eyes grew big from his words and you then smiled once your face calmed back down. You pecked a kiss "I love you too, MyRaphael." He smiled and took you in for a hug. He then Surprisingly sprung you over his shoulder and walked out of the room as you laughed. He placed you down on the couch. "stay here..Stay!" He commanded like you were a dog. You whined but he insisted. Once he left for the kitchen you turned on the TV and watched SpongeBob. The theme was on at the moment ""Spongebob squarpants,,,spongeboobbbbbbbbb Sqqqauuuurreeepppaaaaannnnnttttss!! HAHAHAHA!!"" Without you realizing, in the other room Raphael rolling his eyes as he laughs at your choices in Television. You sink yourself in the cardboard couch that smelled of (surprisingly) fresh pizza. Made your tummy grumble. You heard a knock on the couch "knock knock, mind if I join?" Donnie asked. He wore a pair of long black sweatpants and slippers. No head gear but his glasses. "Sure(: " you smiled. He hops over the couches arch and sits down next to you with his foot on his knee and his arm laying on the couches arch. He yawned as he watched SpongeBob with you. Raph came in with some cereal, orange juice and a tiny bowl of Assorted fruits. They were obviously canned but it was sweet. You "awww" at what he did for you. He chuckled in embarrassingly as he handed it to you. You started for the Rice Crispy's OffBrand cereal. You crunched as you watched tv. Raphael asked donnie to move politely. And don did as asked. Raphael wrapped his left arm around you as he yawned. No stretching just yawning. He itched his throat and then kissed your cheek. You blushed all cute like. He chuckled noticing it. You just kept watching spongebob sing sweater weather. You felt like a school girl in pink next to your bad boy crush in a black leather jacket. Leo came in noticing Raphael's arm around you. His eyes felt like they turned red with anger as his body tensed up and his teeth clinched. ( his teeth weren't showing) Mikey came up about to greet his brother but saw how he was looking at you too. Mikey wasnt to thrilled with the idea of you, dating Raphael. He's more of a knucklehead than mikey himself. He felt this weird Missing feeling. Like he dated you before but u rejected him. Maybe thats how Leo feels. :( you got up off the couch to go to the potty. You saw Leo staring at you as you stood up. He made you feel guilty for your choice of Raphael. You just walked over to the bathroom as the two of you still have eyes locked. You were waiting for him to say something as he did the same thing. You closed the door behind you. Little did you know. Its was actually Leonardos birthday. Leo went into the dojo and kinda just sat in there. Doing nothing but ponder, wonder, twiddle, and feel pathetic. He feels like he isnt manly enough, isnt good enough and that's why you chose Raphael. He sulked in there for about 5 hours. 5 hours later. You went into the kitchen to see Mikey working on the icing on a cake. You sat down at the island. "Whatcha doin?" "Icing a cake." " you usually don't make cakes. Why'cha make one?" He looked at you with a blank expression with some confusion. "Didnt you know?" "Know what" as you took a little finger full of icing out of the jar. "Its Leonardo's birthday." You just looked at him. 0.0 you got up and left for topside. Raphael passed you asking what u were doing. " going topside" "alright just be careful." "Yes dad" you teased. He smirked as he walked into the kitchen. Once you were topside you called april asking if she knew Leonardos birthday was today. Phone rings "hey april. Did u know leos birthday was today??" "No I didn't. I completely forgot. I remember Someone telling me though. I should get him something." "Well i'm actually out right now. Wanna join me?" "Is half an hour ok? I get off work then.' "Sounds good :D "ok be right there." "kewl Beans ^.6" ..45 minutes later.. April arrives with her jacket hanging off her shoulder as she runs over to you, as you sit on the fountain's edge. you look over to your side to see April Panting with her hands on your knees bent over. "hey you ok?" She puts her index finger in the air as she catches her breath. She stands tall and says "Yea, i-i'm sorry i'm late. The trains weren't working right." "Eh its ok. Its a beautiful day." "So where did you wanna start at?" April asked. "I was thinking we could start in this plaza. They have a store of weapons here called "Chin-Chan" "Wanna check them out first?" "Sure :)" you smiled. You stood up and adjusted your skirt and you two walked over to the store. You walked in to hear a bell ring. (If this was a movie, The sun would shine through the blinds and Blind the lens for a sec as you two walk in through the glass door, April behind you as you walked in to see a glass Counter with Swords, Daggers and other stuff.) You walked around as April also did this action. You turned around to observe everything. You walked backwards and accidentally bumped your head into Wind Chime made of wood. Even the chimes were made of wood. It was a simple, pretty, Clanking sound. Like something you would hear in a Japanese home on their porch As there Bamboo Fountain was going. A regular white man came out from behind and asked what you would like or to look at. You were gonna say no until you saw something. "Do you make your own products? Like that painting over there?" "Um no But I can order you a personalized one." "how long will that take?" "About 2 weeks. Sometimes 5 days." "Oh I'm sorry but i need something for today. Its my friends birthday." "Oh I see. I'm sorry about the inconvenience." "Oh No its ok XD I just i honestly didn't realize his birthday was Today." "well If you find something Please let me no." "Will Do." you And april pretty much left after that. Later that day. You were in your room with a paint brush with black paint. You were painting 'Leonardo's Name Vertically. With a help of stencils. You drew some sticks that touched each other then made pink petals to make a Cherry Blossom tree. Then You used some Blue to draw to sticks laying against the tree as Swords.
Lovable Easygoing Original Noble Amazing Responsible Dependable Oracular You finally finished your painting for Leo's birthday. It was 6:54 pm. You were shocked with how Time flew. You cleaned everything up and washed the black paint of your hands. You walked back into your room to find your painting flown on to its front side so everything wet is touching your floor You ran over repeating "no no no no". You picked it up to see the L was smudged a bit but it made it seem more cooler. You texted Leo saying. "Hey. Can you meet me. Its an emergency." You went up to the concrete looking roof and waited. It only took him a mi ute to reach you. He looked scared. Maybe emergency wasn't a good word. Oh your so gonna hear about it now. "Hey you ok?? Whats the emergency." You took out a box unwrapped but had a present in it. "Happy birthday Leo" he sighed in relief. "I thought you were hurt or something. Dont say its an emergency if its not." "Well its your birthday and its important. So i think it counts as one." He smiled and took the present. He opened it to see a scroll." "Whats this?" "something i made. I didnt find anything. Not in clothing, shoes, Japanese stores not even kitchen ware i think ud want. He smiled "thanks" and without thinking he kissed your lips. Just a peck. But it was enough to race your heart and start his adrenaline. "I am so sorry. I didnt mean to. Its just. Nothing. Im sorry" You stood there a bit speechless, You wanted to say something but you didn't know what to say. you sighed and said "Just think of it as a second Present if it makes you feel any better." He looked at you and smiled. He lifted up your scroll and saw what u made him. In his eyes, this was the best gift he's ever gotten. "Thank you Y/N. This is..Incredible. How did you do this?" "Stencils XD" he laughed and said "Thank you" again. "I love it." "I'm glad you love it." He was gonna leave but something stopped him. He didn't know what. He stood on the ledge thinking not sure what to do. "You ok?" You asked. "Yea..Hey can i come in for a bit?" "Yea sure :) " you smiled as you hopped into your room. He Squeezed himself into your window and into your room. He stood there looking at your room. He was remembering how when he came in here last time to..Do You. Made his heart ache a bit. You were just looking at him. He looked like he was about to cry. "Hey Leonardo Are you ok? You look like your about to Burst." "No I"m not ok. OK! Idk why you Chose Raphael. What does he Have that I dont have?? I would do anything for you! Anything you want. I would join Shredder's Side if thats what it would take. I would Kills someone for you! I would give you so much Love and tender Care, I would Literally Do Anything for you. Please tell me. Whats wrong with me?" "Nothing is wrong with you-" "Then why arent you with me?" "...Idk..I just..Don't feel the same." "I wanted to be a man about this and wait for you but its been so long and i had you for such little time. And it kills me. I feel like every morning since you broke up with me, a part of my soul is being Eaten." He came closer as you stood up. He kept rambling on about how he loved you and wish you were with him. "I just dont understand-Why arent-why ar--" Then he was cut off by a big smooch you were giving him on his lips. His eyes were in shocked then Rolled to the back of his head. He cupped his hands to the back of your head as he intensified the kiss. Although he knew you were kissing him out of pity but he still enjoyed it. It felt like you were his. He wished this moment would never end. He was in your room,the only thing that lit your room was a few candles and a night light, with the window open bringing in Spring night air that felt like a summer night, Your hair moving around as the wind brushed it, Your hands on his arms, his hands through your hair, Kissing as Cheeks Brushed. You opened your eyes slowly to see Leo's eyes were still closed Indulging you. You closed your eyes again. He let go as he opened his icy blues. You opened your eyes as his hands were still on the back of your head. His thumb rubbed against your skull as his eyes stared into your soul. Although it felt like your eyes were staring into his, To Him. For the oddest reason you were Craving Ice Cream. "Hey This is gonna say weird after what just happened but..Do you(Leos pov. Do I what?!! Do I wanna kiss again? Wanna Cuddle?? wanna date?? Wanna-) Want some IceCream? My dad got some awhile ago, he hasnt eaten it yet. Its Neapolitan." "Yea hehe sure." you smiled as you walked to the kitchen as he did to. You Two talked and laughed like the old days. You enjoyed your Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate iceCream as he only ate Vanilla Chocolate. You guys went back to the sewers and Enjoyed each others company on the way. Then when you two were in the Middle of getting home Mikey came up from behind you and spooked you. You ended up Screaming at the top of your lungs. The girliest Scream ever. They all laughed XD You looked behind to see Mikey "Ugh your such a man Child." "please when was Mikey even a man." Leo Commented smiling. You, Mikey, and leo continued the walk. for some reason the ground started vibrating, You looked up to the ceiling Then heard loud running towards you guys. A huge Monster came after you guys. But specifically You, Since you pissed it off last time he saw you. "Are you kidding me?!" you asked in general all annoyed. You all started running in the opposite direction. "What is that thing?" "I don't know, But i've encountered it before." "You -panting- You have?" Mikey asked. "yea " The monster caught up to you all, Leo saw that coming so he gave Mikey an order and He picked you up and grabbed onto a Pipe on the ceiling and his feet landed on other pair of pipes. He was kinda Slipping though. The Monster Mosey along looking around smelling for you. Leo's sweat was dripping on you so it kinda hid your scent of human. His Yellow eyes looked around a scanned. Mikey was hiding on the other side of the wall. He kept his breath Shallow. The Monster's tail had hit the wall letting Brick Dust hit mikey's face. He was trying to keep a sneeze in. The sneeze finally calmed down and went away. He exhaled softly then he Sneezed. Leo growled, he was so sure the monster would leave. The monster Roared which made more Brick dust fall from the ceiling and then made bricks fall. A brick hit Leo's head. "Oww god." "Are you ok?" "Yea im fine." With Leo's Weight which is about 240 lbs The ceiling caved on him and you. You were underneath of Leo stuck. You felt scared, and angry. Your skin started Itching you started to at least try to Un-Bury yourself. You stuck your hand out and started just pushing bricks and moving them. You then felt something helping you. Bricks were mostly off of you, You could finally breath you looked up to see Mikey. "Oh thank you Mikey, I was getting scared." "wow dude. Whats with you." "What? What did i do?" "Its..your skin, its like all scaly and stuff." you looked down at your hands to see you were. You legs, your arms, and you neck too. "is my face also like this?" "Yea! Its pretty AWESOME! DUDE your a mutant just like us!!" You heard a groan. you turned around and helped leo. There was a huge thick piece of Concrete on top of Leo. You gasped and threw it off of him. "Leo!" You kneeled by him and held his hand. His eyes started opening to see you. HIs eyes looked confused and opened a bit more. "Y-Y/N? is that you?" You had tears starting "Yea its me." you answered unpleasantly. "What happened?" "I dont really know. But i think we should get out of here." You helped him up which was allot easier to do for some reason. You guessed cause of your weird skin thing. Then all this sudden a tail whips out and slams you against the wall. You stuck there and then pealed off like a pancake off a ceiling. You stood up Feeling fired up and angry. Your body started to grow taller and more muscular. Your pupils changed color (Not your eyeris, Your Pupil.) it changed into a Violet color. Mikey and Leo just stared at you as you changed. Your entire body changed. You stared into its eyes from afar as he huffed and puffed waiting for what you were gonna do. "Well Come on, LeatherHead. lets go.." you evilly teased. You charged as he charged towards you. you punched him in his Nose, then his Jaw from Below. You the knee-ed him in the gut, jumped over him and took his arm, swung it around his back and held him to the ground. He was Roaring with pain and anger. He Flipped himself over so you were on the ground and he was ontop. He was smothering you. Leo limply got up and yelled "Y/N!" You had a pocket knife with you so you jabbed it into his side. He ROARed and got off of you. He Stood up on his Hind legs his body to tall so he automatically crouched. He Yelled and roared at you. And what you did next was something you didn't tell your body to do; you just did it. You Legitimately Roared back. Louder than a Lion, harder than a Gorilla, and Scary as a Bear. The Crocodile just ran backwards and didn't look back. You were proud of what you did. You've never saved anyone before. You walked back over to Leo and put your hand on his head. you were about as tall as him at this point. "How are you?" "I'm better." You smiled with your pointy teeth showing; your body started shrinking back to its original size and and your teeth going back to normal. Pupils back to black but your skin is still kinda Scaly. You and Mikey helped him walk the rest of the way home. You entered the Secret home the turtles live in and sat Leonardo down on the pizza hut couch and put his feet up. Your scaly skin was fading softly away as your normal pigment of soft skin was showing through. Your eyes were a bit redden. "I'll be right back." You got up but then a hand pulled you back "Hey." "hey wats up" "Are u ok? Did you get hurt." "Eh i might have a few bruises but i think im ok. Im mostly worried about you though. Are you ok?" "Yea (his face cringes as he holds his Side ) I'm fine." You shook your head "You men. I'll be right back Would you like anything? Anything at all?" That rang in his head, he'd forgotten how he'd bugged you on How he'd do anything for you. He felt like a jerk now. He just smiled and said "no thanks(:" "alrighty, I'm gonna go snack on some Pretzels. I'll be over in the kitchen, just Holler if you need anything." "Will do(: " you sat at the counter as you saw Raphael coming out of the dojo all sweaty and stuff. "Aye babe, wats up?" He greeted. "Not much, Leo got hurt so i'm taking care of him." "what? How did he get hurt?" Could i really tell him that I saved Leo from a Croc. incident. And that I've handled myself before with the same thing? Can i tell him that I transform into a horrifying creature of power? What would that do. OH crap he's waiting, think of something. "Oh Idk." "well that took you awhile to answer XD Hey so i was thinking tonight did you wanna go out with me and the guys as we go on patrol." "Yea sure :)" "Nice." You look over at Leo, He has his hand was on his side, His eyes closed and his one leg bent up. You sighed. Raph saw your concern for him "hey (He puts his hand on your shoulder) He'll be ok. He's strong." You look at him "I hope so." You say with self doubt. You and him sat there at the island with Raphael. Mikey sat down next to you guys "Hey Y/N, That was pretty awesome! how long have you been doing that?!" Raphael looked at you. "I Um-here try these. Pretzel with melted Velveeta." "OH thats sounds amazing! gimmie." "hehe" You passed everything over to mikey and you left the table. Raphael looked at mikey stuffing his face then to you walking into his own room. He started walking after you. You Close the door as you hold your hand over your mouth and nose as tears fled down your eyes. You crawled onto the bed and hid under the covers. You started softly crying in a curled up position. Raphael opened the door and looked around to see a lump under his blanket moving and making noises. He sat on the bed and put his huge hand on your side hip. "hey whats going on?" Your breathing was studdering as he rubbed your side from your shoulder down to your knee and back up. "Whats wrong baby?" "Imf uh mohnastreh" "What?" You lifted the covers off your face and say "I'm a monster." you looked up at him with your face still on the bed and your eyes red. "Your not a monster. Why would you think that?" "Cause today I became something horrifying and i'm scared. What if I lose my Mind, lose my consciousness, who i am?" "wait what? What are you talking about." you sighed "For awhile I've been seeing my eyes randomly change or some skin changed but Today my entire body changed.. And i saved Leonardo today. And for just one moment, I lost my mind and Roared like an animal. And -starts sobbing- I'm terrified." Raphael Sighed and took you in his arms. He hugged you and petted your hair. "Its gonna be ok. Cause i'm gonna be here for you." You hugged his upper arm bicep and laid your head on it. He started holding you like a baby and kissed your forehead then your lips. His forehead touched yours "I love you Y/N" You sniffed "I love you too Raph" He layed you down in the bed, Covered you up in covers and asked "Would you like me to stay?" "*sniff* yes please." He smiled and crawled over you. He tucked himself and you in. His brought you in for a cuddle and You fell asleep as he just held you awake. To be Continued..

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