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For the second time in my life I'm in a hospital bed, moving in between consciousness and unconsciousness. I hear people talking, sometimes it takes me a while to put a face to the voice, but I'm getting better at it.

"Do you have any idea when he'll wake up?" deep, calm... that's my dad.

"I'm sorry Mr. Howell, we hardly ever know with these things. Coma victims could be coma victims until the day they die, or they could wake up only hours later. It's hard to say. More like impossible." i don't know this person, but they're obviously a doctor.

i hear my dad sigh before saying "Thank you" then someone is holding my hand. "Dan.... please if you hear me, please wake up." I wish I could dad. It's not much fun not being in control of my body.  "Why did it have to be you?" he mutters under his breath. Again, that's what i'm saying. I didn't ask for this.  He continues to try and talk to me, but i feel myself drifting away from reality again. I try to hold on to what he's saying but i can't focus. Eventually I give into the calming oblivion.


"Hey Dan. I miss you." I've heard my little brother say that countless number  of times. That's how he starts every conversation. "It's been... 17 days. And you're still being a stubborn little bitch. But you always have loved your sleep. So i'm not really surprised." I savor his small laugh. I haven't heard it in... apparently at least 17 days. Normally when he's talking to me, he's grim.  Always apologizing for shit I don't remember him saying or doing.

Today is different. He seems.. almost happy. I can feel it in the room. Everyone who has come to visit me today has been less gloomy than usual. It even makes me a little happy. Regardless of the fact that i'm about sick of not being able to move. I hear everything. The first few days was little sketchy, because i guess i was actually still in the "life or death" stage of recovering from the accident. But now i'm fully aware of everything going on.

I know that the doctors say that it would be a miracle if i didn't have brain damage. I know that they still need to do a surgery on my left leg, but they're waiting to see if i even wake up. god i hope i wake up. If i have to live the rest of my life like this, i will go insane. But obviously mo one knows what's going on in my head. only i do. I would have to suffer in silence. the thought makes me antsy, and for the thousandth time i try moving. My finger, nope. my toes? no way. I try opening my eyes but nothing budges.

Maybe tomorrow.

A/N 2.0  (unedited as always wtf)

id like to take this time to thank all of you. even if some of you test me, with your ridiculous comments, i still love you and im always going to be here for you all. Thank you so much for reading this story, and Black and Blue. it's insane to see that B&B has 86k views and 5k votes.

like just yesterday, it was just an idea in my head.... jeez. Thank you so much for commenting and even though i get salty sometimes, i do appreciate your guys' comments.

I'll try to make this story all that you guys hope it will be. I love you crazy people -ciara

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