The Interview

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*Third Person POV*

The park rangers and the police had taken all eleven kids to the police station for an interview over what had happened.

The kids looked pretty shaken over the events that had happened which the police were then about to learn what had happened.

*Chris's POV*

"The old man... I..." I began. I don't know how to describe him. I mean-"

"You said you thought he was stalking you at first," a policewoman interrupted me. "Did anyone else in the group think that?"

"Well... yeah," I sighed.

"Is it possible that they could have killed him?" she asked.

Was she serious? She obviously wasn't understanding me. This man was much more than a stalker.

"What?" I was shocked. "No, no, no. You don't understand. Don't you understand-"

"If he attacked you-" she interrupted.

"He's a good man," I said in a serious tone. "He's one of my friend's uncles and I know she would be proud of him."

"Who's uncle?" she asked.

"My friend, Imigie," I answered. "She loved him and now that he's gone, I don't know if she'll be the same."

The policewoman nodded, acknowledging the fact that she believed me and I noticed a hint of sadness in her eyes. I bet she was feeling bad for Imigie who had lost her uncle to a Wendigo.

"I'm going to make myself clear," I said sternly. "He saved my life, and I watched him die."

*Ashley's POV*

"I heard Jessica," I said. "I don't know how or why she was down there but I know I heard her."

The sound in my voice told the police everything they needed to know when I was down in the sanatorium.

*Emily's POV*

I knew I had to tell them about what Mike almost did despite me being glad he didn't do it.

"He held it right up to my face, right here," I pointed to where I remember Mike almost shot me. "Right in front of my nose and he would have shot me. He almost shot me. The prick! I mean you go out with a guy for forever long and you think you know him but man, this one really takes the cake."

*Matt's POV*

"I was right there," I said sternly. "And I could have done something. I tried to do something, I wasn't good enough."

*Jess's POV*

"How did you end up in the mines?" a policeman asked.

"I was..." I began, trying to sound as clear as I could despite being so weak. "Carried and... taken... and..."

"What did you see?" the policeman asked.

"I don't know," I shook my head. "I don't know."

*Mike's POV*

"He was out of his fucking mind," I told them. "He wanted to hurt us. Yeah... he and... I thought he was the one who attacked Jess. My friend Imigie tried to convince me that it wasn't him but I didn't believe her."

I buried my face in my hands, feeling so awful for not believing my friend who knew more about Wendigos than I had in the beginning.

"I feel so bad for not believing her," I almost whimpered. "She was the hero. She saved us all. How she did it is something I can't quite explain. She had some kind of supernatural power. She calls herself a Witch and she saved everyone, including him."

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