Final Encounter

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*Imigie's POV*

"Hey Sam," Mike said in a rather giddy voice.

"How did you guys get Josh?" Sam asked anxiously, more at me.

"She over here did something with the Wendigos but I can't explain what," Mike replied, pointing to me. "She has some kind of supernatural power."

"I'm a Wendigo hunter," I finished quickly. "Not just any Wendigo hunter. I'm a Witch."

Mike and Sam gasped in shock but Josh gave me a weak smile.

"You guys look awful," Sam said.

"It'd look worse out here," Mike smirked at her.

Sam grabbed a rock but I instantly wrestled it out of her hands. I closed my eyes and concentrated until I heard something creak open. The door had just opened.

"Jesus Imigie!" Josh whispered but shushed him for his sake.

We all ran into the lodge and I closed the door.

We immediately walked to into the cinema room and I just noticed that Josh was holding my hand.

"Oh shit!"




There came Chris, Emily and Ashley out from the other hall. I suddenly heard like a shriek close by. This was not good.

I decided that I was going to close the door to not let the Wendigos get inside. I let everyone else go but Josh was holding my hand looking worried.

"We have to go," he said loudly.

I shook my head to him before turning to the door and closed it then locked it with my free hand.

"Had to close the damn door!" I shouted.

He nodded as I lead the way, following the others. We stopped at the lodge living room and heard the sounds of the Wendigo.

"Don't move," Mike ordered quietly. "Don't fucking move a muscle."

I heard hissing pretty darn close by and I tried to compose myself, not wanting to get killed by one.

There came two Wendigos followed by Wendigo Hannah. Hannah looked around and suddenly turned to me. I immediately held my breath as Hannah nodded to me then turned to the other Wendigos.

I quietly exhaled just before Hannah growled at the other Wendigos and took one and ripped the head from the body. I was surprised to see that Hannah was possibly doing this to save us but I was horrified that Hannah was even doing this in the first place.

I closed my eyes and felt a light mist around me before it left me. I wasn't just protecting me and my friends. I was protecting everything else in the lodge as well as the lodge itself. How the hell was I so capable of doing something like this?

I opened my eyes just in time to see Hannah holding another Wendigo and threw it first through the stairs then threw it to the fireplace, breaking a gas pipe and causing gas to come out of the broken pipe.

I noticed that Mike and Sam were nodding to each other. They had a plan and I knew what it was too. They were going to "blow up" the lodge but my mist was able to protect anything from the fire that was going to happen. As far as I was concerned, Mike and Sam knew about my supernatural powers.

Hannah then looked around, trying to find anything that moved but had no success.

Hannah looked away as Sam ran to a wooden post. Sam was so still that it looked like she wasn't breathing.

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