For Our Lives

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*Matt's POV*

I looked around at my surroundings, obviously afraid of what could happen next. I could just die here.

I saw a lighter lantern ahead and I found a lighter and lit it. Ah! Much better. Now this would be easier.

I suddenly saw a figure not too far from me ahead and I walked toward it. I was probably a bit too curious that time.

The figure turned, holding a stick but I saw who it was. I managed to stop her from hitting me with it then she gasped in shock when she realized she almost tried to hit me.

"Jess!" I gasped.

There she was. She didn't look very good. She was cut on the chest, dirty and she looked very weak.

"What happened?" I asked. "How did you end up down here."

"Mike and I were just messing around," she began. "Then glass shattered then I was carried away by something. I didn't know where it was. It took me here. I fell from an elevator."

"I fell from a tower."

Jess gasped when she heard me say this. She probably thought it was shocking to hear me mention about my experience at the fire tower with Emily. Oh god! I hoped Emily was alright.

We suddenly heard a sound, like a scream or something but it didn't sound human. This wasn't good. I even heard it sounding like it was getting closer.

"We need to get out of here Jess," I whispered.

We ran down the cave until we stopped at two paths. We could hide from whatever was coming for us or we could run.

Quickly remembering Jess's condition, I decided that we would hide behind the wooded shelter. We stayed as still as we possibly could.

I saw something that didn't look human at all. It looked like a monster with pale and shredded skin, milky eyes and gaping mouth. What the hell was that thing?

The monsters were gone and I breathed a sigh of relief. Now we just needed to get out of the cave.

Suddenly, Jess doubled over a bit, gasping. She didn't look well at all.

"Are you okay Jess?" I asked.

"I guess," she replied.

Jess was badly hurt and we needed to get the hell out of here. I didn't want to say that this would be one hell of easy task because there were monsters in here after all. Monsters or not, I was desperate to find our way out of here.

I wasn't sure what time it was but I was sure that dawn was heading closer. Please let it be dawn soon.

No monsters were around so Jess and I got out of our hiding place and ran to the wooden door that was blocked. I broke through it and held Jess's hand for safety and we were outside.

We stood against the snowy rock hill as still as we could when we saw another monster coming out the same way Jess and I did. I held my breath as the monster tried to look for its feast.

Frustrated, the monster left and Jess and I were sighing of relief. We have survived and now we had to head back to the lodge to find the others. Or should we not? Was it too dangerous?

Despite the thoughts I was suddenly having, I hoped that anyone would come for me and Jess to make sure that we were safe. Second of all, I hoped that the others were okay.

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