On The Line

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*Josh's POV*

Mike, Imigie and I were on our way back the way Mike had came from with Sam or that Imigie remembered coming from.

"Mike," I began. "You didn't have to hit me so much man."

Mile shook his head, he probably was feeling sorry over something.

"I'm sorry man," he replied. "I thought you killed Jess. I was wrong."

"Of course Jess isn't dead," Imigie said. "I've seen her wake up, alive."

Mike and I looked at her confused. What did she mean?

"What do you mean you saw her alive?" Mike asked.

"I had a vision," she replied.

I had no idea where we were heading but then Imigie turned to me looking concerned.

"Don't look up Josh," she said to me. "It's not a pretty sight."

I shook my head, obviously not going to listen to her because I was quite curious. I looked up and saw a scarred and bloodied face in a change. Next to it was a dead body handing upside without a head.

This didn't look good at all. Did this mean that someone probably died while I wasn't around?

I gasped, looking at them and now wishing I hadn't seen them. Mike sighed, probably frustrated that I looked up.

We went to the water. Mike and Imigie were the first to go in then I hesitantly followed. The water was freezing but I was only in my overalls.

We were just half way into the water when I heard someone scream.

"Mike!" Imigie screamed.

Mike was submerged underwater. This wasn't good at all. Imigie turned to me with serious concern on her face.

"Don't move," she warned. "I think I know what it is."

That instantly rang a bell for me after reading the journal that was in Imigie backpack. The ground began to shake a little then something popped out of the water. I saw what it was but was it real?

You're not real, I thought then saw the tattoo on its arm.

Hannah? This was Hannah? Oh shit! I couldn't believe it.

Hannah turned to us then turned directly to me. Her eyes showed that she recognized me. She turned to Imigie with the same look but then picked her up and threw her to the other side where we were heading against the rock wall.

I gasped and thought Hannah would go for me too but someone pulled me out of the water quickly. It was Mike.

"Mike, we can't leave her here!" I shouted.

"Exactly!" Mike shouted back, sounding frustrated. "That fucker threw her!"

It was only a matter of time when I looked at Imigie's limp body, scared that she would die in the hands of my sister.

*Imigie's POV*

I slowly got back up on my feet, aching all over and the world around me seemed to be spinning but I had to figure out something to get us three the hell out of here.

It instantly hit me. Remembering that I was a Witch, I had a strong advantage against Hannah. Usually, Wendigos would destroy the Witches first but I was surprised that she only decided to spare my life. I guess it was because she remembered me.

Hannah walked to me as I shivered. Josh and Mike made it to the other side and they looked at me, terrified.

Hannah held up one finger and ran it down from my forehead to my shoulder. I suddenly found a stinging pain and I noticed that Hannah seemed to leave a deep cut on my shoulder. I gasped then Hannah picked me up and once again threw me to the rock wall, not too far from Josh and Mike.

"You're not real! No you're not!" I heard Josh shout.

Hannah looked confused but then turned her head to Josh as I quickly ran to the other side in the water and thought of an idea as a way to distract her before my master plan was put into place.

"Catch me Hannah!" I screamed as I made it to the other side and saw that Hannah was quickly coming after me.

"You're not real!" Josh cried.

What was this? I guess back and forth distracting each other to keep the other safe.

I found the flamethrower from my uncle's dead body that was hanging. I didn't want to do this but it was for my sake. It had to be done.

"I'm so sorry," I whispered sadly before taking the flamethrower from his pocket.

The weight was rather heavier than I remembered but it wasn't terrible to the point to take me down.

"You need your intake of straight fire! No preservatives!" I screamed to Hannah as I fired the flamethrower to her.

She turned and looked surprised. I only was using it as a distraction. I heard Josh shout something else as I quickly got into the water with the flamethrower on my back. I ran through the freezing water then got up and saw that Hannah was closing in on Mike and Josh.

"Get some fire!" I screamed as I fired the flamethrower to the other side to distract Hannah.

We needed to get for hell out of here. My master plan was gonna come into play soon. As long as I kept my shields on Josh, Mike and the others, including myself, we were okay.

I handed Mike the flamethrower as Hannah was closing in on us. It was gonna be a scary fight but as long as we can get out of here safely, that was the only thing that mattered.

I stood in between Josh and Mike and closed my eyes then felt a wave of blue electricity flow into my mind and body.

I let go of Josh and Mike then went to zap Hannah with the electricity coming from my finger nails. Hannah cried as I kept going, just enough to distract her so we could run out of here.

I was then finished with her and Josh, Mike and I ran out of the area and to the direction where Mike had originally went to get us out of here. Now we were safe but deep down, I had a feeling that the Wendigos might soon make their way to the others as well. We were basically not only surviving but fighting until dawn.

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