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*Sam's POV*

Mike and I were looking to see where the Wendigos come from. We continued down the dark cave of the mines then we stopped by the water and another path.

"We should go to the path on the left," I suggested.

Mike nodded as he and I went down the path and saw a watch on the ground. I picked it up and saw it was awfully familiar. I turned to Mike in shock as I showed him the watch.

"This is Beth's," I gasped. "This is her watch. Who dug her up?"

Mike shrugged before I put down Beth's watch before we went down to the water. It was fucking freezing!

"It's like there weren't any sharks or anything," Mike joked.

I saw two paths. One seemed to lead to another platform on the left and the other seemed go straight ahead. I went to the one on the left, shaking my head at Mike's words.

"Sharks?" I gasped. "Great. Thank you."

He laughed a little at my reaction to his sarcasm. He can be a bit of a jerk but I started to have some kind of connection to him, like a crush almost. It seemed to ease my worries but only temporally before I got up on the platform as well as Mike.

I saw a journal on the floor and decided to take a peek at it. This wasn't good at all. Not at all.

"This is Hannah's diary," I exclaims before beginning to read it.

My little sister is dead. The fall killed her... I watched the color drain from her face.
My leg is broken
I'm all alone, stuck here with Beth's body.
Someone will come soon.

Oh shit! No one came to save them from the mines and Beth was already dead? Fucking shit! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!

I've never been so HUNGRY. It feels like my stomach is twisting around inside.
I took Beth's sweater. Much warmer now. She's still looking out for me.

I only began to hope that it would end on a more happier note. Mike continued to peek through my shoulder to read what I was reading. I turned to the next page and read it out loud.

I'm sorry Beth. I have no choice. I'm DYING.
It's the only way I can survive any more. If someone finds this I'm SORRY. I had to. I had no choice.
Forgive me Beth.
I'm sorry.

My hands feel unclean. My nails fell out PUSHED OUT. I am aching but no more COLD. NO PAIN.
I am getting stronger.


This was starting to make sense. Hannah went cannibalistic! I stood up and turned to Mike, sure that what I had seen was true.

"That makes sense," I said. "Hannah dug up Beth. She must have been starving for days, weeks."

"Oh shit," Mike whispered. "I don't believe any of this."

I shook my head at him, convinced that it was true. Who else would dig up Beth?

Now that I was sure about this, I knew that there was one person who maybe needed to know about this.

"We need to find Josh right now," I said.

Mike nodded as we headed back into the water and went to find Josh.

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