My mate was Chace Winchester, the future Alpha.

His reaction mirrored mine, but no one spoke. Except Hailey.

"Alyssa, I want you to meet my mate, Adam. The future beta, and Chace the future Alpha" her voice snapped me back to reality as I looked at Adam, studying his features. He extended his hand and I shakily placed mine in his, giving it a firm shake.

"Nice to meet you. Um... I actually have to go make an urgent phone call, I'll see you guys later?" I replied, escaping out of there. His image came back into mind as I skimmed past everyone in the hallway.

My Alpha, a man whore was my mate. The man I despised. But my wolf loved. Tension was increasing in my mind as I soon, felt a pull on my arm – sparks flying through every inch of my body, electrifying me with energy- before I came face to face with Chace Winchester, my mate. He had pulled me into the janitor's closet, how cliché.

"I can't believe I am doing this" I heard him mutter under his breath before his eyes bored into mine. Then, he did it. "I, Chace Winchester, reject you, Alyssa Jackson, as my mate and Luna of the Blue Moon pack" His words crushed my wolf, and her whimpers were loud inside of me. However my human self couldn't care less. He was a womanizer, a man whore, who slept with anything and everything in his way. I forced a smile on my face despite my wolf's protests and nodded slowly.

"Okay" and with that one simple word, I was out of there.

My heart felt like it had been broken into a million pieces, yet I felt nothing. No emotion apart from hate. If I didn't have a wolf, I was pretty sure I wouldn't have cared. But my wolf did, she felt lost, and her pain radiated all over her body, making myself feel it. I was now walking towards the entrance of the school subconsciously, but I didn't care. I needed to get away, I needed to run.

I ran into the woods behind the school and stripped before shifting. I sprinted for what seemed like ages, feeling the cool winter wind strike my face as I pushed myself further, forgetting everything in my way. I soon returned, pulling my clothes back on and grabbing my bag, making my way towards the school lot.

Of course, just like any cliché movie, my so called mate was doing his job, making out with the school slut by his car, which just so happened to be in front of mine. Why is everything so cliché? I inwardly commented before putting on an emotionless front and jumping into my car and without a glance at the smirk he was sending me, I pulled out, driving away.

For just a day, I wanted to forget everything. I didn't want to remember. Sure, I didn't feel the pain, but my wolf did, my other half did. And I wanted to get my mind off things, so I pulled out my phone, clicking on a number I hadn't contacted in ages. It had been almost four years, four years since I had seen her. It was my entire fault. My fault she was taken away, but she told me she didn't even have to forgive me because it wasn't my fault. I somehow never managed to believe her.

"Hello?" her voice radiated through the phone speaker.

"Hey Eve, are you free right now?"

"Sure. Need to meet?"

"Yeah. Our spot?"

"Of course" she replied, hanging up.

Evelyn was the Luna of the Dark Shadows pack, and my sister-in-law. Well not exactly, but the Alpha of the Dark Shadows was my cousin, Carter, but he was more like a brother to me. It was almost four years ago that they had come to our pack for protection when people were after Evelyn. I had gone to the mall with her, I was in the toilet when they took her. It was all my idea, all my fault.

I arrived our spot, a small isolated café on the highway and stepped out, joining Evelyn, who was already present at the table. I ordered myself a small cup of coffee and joined her, embracing her into a small hug before sitting down.

"So, what is it?" she questioned.

"I found my mate." I started.

"Oh my god! Congratulations! Who is it?"

"Don't get too excited. He is the future Alpha, Chace Winchester, and he rejected me" her eyes didn't show sympathy or pity, in fact there was a true honest smile on them that somehow made my heart warm up.

"You know, when I first met Carter, it was the day my grandmother had been murdered. And the very same day, Carter had rejected me" she blurted, making my eyes widen.


"Yes" she chuckled "but he regretted it, so much. I know this sounds like it's never going to happen, but you're mates for a reason, and that reason is not going anywhere, so give it time, but you aren't going to be living like this for the rest of your life."

"But I can't just stay here for the rest of my life watching him snog other girls in front of me and just wait for him to change now can I?" I questioned, sipping silently on my coffee. There was a moment of silence before she smiled again.

"How about this? How about you join my pack for a few months? Finish your senior year, graduate, and then you can go back. By then, he will seriously be regretting his decision." I smiled wickedly at the sound of her plan, thinking it through.

"I think that would be wonderful"

So there goes the first chapter! I know it might sound very cliché but I have tried my best not to make it like that. I hope you liked it! Chapter thoughts? Future predictions?? Comment below and tell me what you think!

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