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This is a collection of reviews of your favourite Wattpad Science Fiction stories. Some stories may be well known already, but we have also tried to include many that are relatively unknown in an attempt to highlight your favourite works on Wattpad. 

Help us shine a light on the great reads you discover by answering the simple questions on the submission form. ScienceFiction will then create and upload a review for your recommended story (completed stories only at this time) based on your responses.

You can submit a review for as many different stories as you like, but please don't submit your own. We will upload as many *unique reviews as possible, but please be aware that we cannot read all stories submitted for review.

*ScienceFiction reserve the right to customise and assign a co-written status to the review should someone else submit for the same story and we feel the additional information will benefit the review.

Reviews are listed alphabetically by Wattpad username. Enjoy!

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