"Emily," I said sternly. "I'm letting you go voluntarily."

Emily was shocked when she heard me say this words but I was worried for her and our safety. And how would Matt react to this if Emily becomes one too?

"Are you kidding me?" she gasped. "You're gonna make me leave?"

"Oh my god! Just go!" Ashley shouted, pointing at the door.

Emily didn't leave and my fear of what could happen got worse. I took out a gun pointed it to Emily.

"Whoa! Mike, you're gonna shoot me?" Emily shook her head.

It was hard to watch. Deep inside, I really didn't want to shoot her but for our safety, it was the right choice. The thought made my heart sink.

"This is the safe room Em!" I shouted but I could hear the sadness in my voice.

Emily sat on the table, shocked at my actions. I noticed that ever since, Chris hadn't said a word.

A sad expression was clearly shown on my face. I truly didn't want to do this but it was my only option if I wanted to keep all of us safe.

"I'm really sorry," I said sadly.

The choice was beyond difficult. My headache slowly subsided when I eventually made my decision.

"Fuck I can't do this," I sighed, surrendering.

Emily and Sam sighed in relief while Chris and Ashley seemed rather confused.

Sam got the book and read through it, looking for answers about this. Now I was convinced that the bite meant nothing at the moment.

I shook my head and walked out of the lodge and headed for the sanatorium to find more answers over this debate. I was determined to find the answers now.

*Emily's POV*

I saw that Mike walked out of the lodge. It was now just me, Chris, Ashley, and Sam.

I was so relieved that Mike chose to not shoot me. I guess he was scared but that prick! Ugh!

"Holy shit," I heard Sam whisper. "It says that you'll be alright. The bite doesn't do anything."

Thank goodness! And Mike literally almost shot me! But what?

"Let me see that," I said.

"Em," Ashley said softly. "It's says that you'll be okay..."

What? Were they crazy? Mike almost fucking shot me!

"What? Mike almost shot me!" I shouted. "Is that fine?"

"He didn't," Sam began.

"And this bitch almost let him!" I shouted, pointing to Ashley.

Ashley backed away in fear but I walked closer to her, pissed by unknown measure.

"That's not fair," Sam said, trying to calm us down. "She was scared."

"I'm the one who's scared," I shot back at her.

"I'm sorry Em," Ashley whimpered. "I didn't know what was going to happen. None of us know!"

The situation was definitely tense but I was not going to care. These two said I was fine but Mike almost shot me!

"There's no excuse!" I replied. "There's no excuse for this!"

I walked away from Ashley, not wanting to hear anymore of her bullshit. Sure, Sam had some of her bullshit thrown around. Chris was the only one who didn't say anything. He was just watching me and Ashley fight like total bitches.

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