Not Safe

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*Mike's POV*

Hearing about the old guy dying made me feel devastated. And after believing him that he was Imigie's uncle, I felt so bad for her. At least Chris made it alive.

I felt so horrible about not believing Imigie at first. The thought gave me a pounding headache but I ignored it, thinking about how the hell to keep us all alive.

And now Josh and Imigie weren't in the shed, I didn't know what to think. And now that I think about it, Imigie being a Wendigo hunter after all told me that she may be our last hope for surviving. Even if she fully took Josh's side at the old hotel, she had her reasons.

I turned to the others then decided that I had to did another way out. I know we were all safe in the basement but I felt that I needed to find another way out. Finding keys to the cable car. I was about to walk away when the others stopped me.

"Where are you going Mike?" Sam asked.

"To find another way out," I said seriously.

"I don't think that's a good idea," she replied. "We should stay here, stay put until dawn.

I shook my head at this. Of course they can stay but I wasn't.

"I need to get the keys for the cable car," I said urgently.

"We don't have the keys," Emily said.

Fuck! She was right but I already knew the only person who would have them.

"Josh," I answered. "He's gotta have them. If that thing got to him, we're shit out of luck."

"It may have taken him to the mines," Emily suggested. "I wouldn't be surprised if it took Imigie down there too since she was with him."

I shook my head in shame. So the Wendigo probably not only took Josh but it took Imigie down to the mines too? I felt my heart sink.

"I'm gonna get that thing from that goddamn room and I'm gonna get us all the hell outta here," I said.

The others didn't look at me and were  looking through the old guy's stuff.

"This old guy's bag," Emily said, searching through it.

I didn't want to bother them so I just let them be.

"He was prepared," I said quietly.

"Not quite," Emily shot back.

Sam pulled out something and looked at it. It was a book. I think it has to the guy's journal of his adventures with the Wendigos.

"Em what is that?" I heard Ashley ask nervously. "What is that?"

I shivered and noticed what she was talking about. There was what it looked to be a bite or a cut on Emily's shoulder. This wasn't good.

"It bit me," Emily replied.

"What bit you?" Ashley snapped.

"Th-the Wendigo," Emily replied calmly.

My eyes opened wide in horror. Oh my god! My worst fears began to explode in my mind, causing my head to ache even more but my headache was the least of my worries.

"Em," I said. "If you turn into one of those things--"

"Mike," Sam tried to calm me down. "We don't know if it works like that."

I shook my head. Emily was bitten by the Wendigo and now I was worried that she would turn into one. I was scared that she would turn on us.

"If you turn into one you're gonna turn on us!" Ashley panicked. "Oh my god oh my god oh my god!"

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