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*Chris's POV*

Mike held the gun in his hand while I stayed close by him. We headed to the door and saw someone was waiting to come inside. Who was this guy?

Mike opened the door and we jumped when we saw a man with a coat, holding and flamethrower in his hand. Okay, this was about to get serious.

"Back off, all of you," he said.

He walked to the living room and put down his stuff by the fire.

"You should have never returned," he continued. "I don't know why you did after what happened last year."

I could believe what he was saying. Did he actually remember what happened last year? Does he know anything about what happened last year?

"You mean with Hannah and Beth?" Ashley asked.

"How can you not be responsible?" I said.

"You shouldn't have come to my mountain," the man said.

"Your mountain?" Mike laughed, rather surprised. "I'm sure the Washingtons would be very surprised."

"You kids hold on to your horses," the man replied. "This mountain sure doesn't belong to me but it don't belong to the Washingtons. This mountain belongs to the Wendigo."

That name instantly hit me by my memory. I remembered Imigie telling us about them but we were so stupid to not believe a word she said.

"There is a curse that dwells in these mountains," the man explained. "If any man or woman resorts to cannibalism in these woods, the spirit of the Wendigo shall be unleashed."

Fuck! I knew it! Imigie told us the same thing but we didn't believe her. I felt ashamed.

"Our friend Imigie told us the same thing," I said. "But we didn't believe her."

The man looked shocked at my words and everyone else looked ashamed. I wish we could have listened to her.

"You didn't believe my niece?" he said shocked. "My brother told her about them. He taught her so much. I have a question. Where is she?"

"I left her with Josh in the shed," Mike said, hanging his head in shame.

For real Mike? Now he leaves both of my best friends out alone? And Josh was nuts too! If he tried to escape and Imigie tried to keep him back, she wouldn't stand a chance. She was half his size.

"I'm gonna go find them!" I insisted. "I'm suppose to be their friend. I let them down."

"Josh let you down and let all of us down," Ashley disagreed.

"I'm gonna get him and Imigie," I said, not listening.

The man with the flamethrower disagreed.

"Going out is suicide," he said, pointing to me. "I'm gonna get Josh and my niece. You are gonna come with me."

I nodded and and followed him out of the door but Ashley stopped me.

"Come back safe," she said sweetly.

Immediately after, I felt her lips press against mine. I couldn't help but kiss her back and felt butterflies in my stomach. The moment felt completely right. I wish could go on forever but I was on a mission with the flamethrower guy.

We let go as she closed the door and I followed him out of the lodge. We were making our way to the shed and I hoped that Josh and Imigie were still alive.

I was surprised that Flamethrower Guy called Imigie his niece, although I knew she told us that this guy was her uncle.

It wasn't long until we arrived at the shed but Josh and Imigie were gone. What the hell?

"They must have escaped," I said.

Flamethrower Guy seemed to agree. I was worried about Josh and Imigie. I just hoped they would make it alive.

"The Wendigo," Flamethrower Guy said. "They will surrender you immobile. They rip your skin off and eat your insides, piece by piece."

I was terrified. I was already believing him. He gave me a shotgun and I took it without argument. He walked out of the shed then I followed him until we stopped and heard something.

"Be very quiet," Flamethrower Guy said.

We stayed as still as possible for about a minute.

Flamethrower Guy moved his foot on top of a small branch on the ground.

There they were. The Wendigo. They looked awfully menacing with their milky eyes, torn up face, bald head and the speed they were moving in.

Flamethrower Guy fired at them as I held the gun, ready to fire at the Wendigo.

"Holy shit!" I cried as I followed Flamethrower Guy, trying to get away from the Wendigo.

"We're out in the open," Flamethrower Guy shouted. "We gotta get out of here!"

I turned and saw a Wendigo jump out and without warning, it cut Flamethrower Guy literally by the neck.

"Oh my god!" I screamed in horror.

At an instant, Flamethrower Guy slowly fell to his knees then fell to his death. His head fell off and his expression went from shocked to dead.

I couldn't believe what I saw. I was scared as shit, seeing this happen right in front of my very eyes.

"Oh shit," I whispered.

I ran away from whatever Wendigo that could now come for me. I fired at the incoming Wendigo then ran for my life.

I saw another incoming Wendigo then I fired at it again, causing it to jump back. Good!

I ran again and suddenly saw a log above the ground ahead. I ducked down and thankfully didn't get hit from the log.

I ran further, my legs starting to feel heavy and my heart beating fast and pounding hard. The adrenaline was beyond me. It was freezing as hell too but my main concern was getting back to the lodge safe after what happened to Flamethrower Guy.

I continued to run further ahead then saw the lodge. Thank goodness! My hopes were crushed when another Wendigo showed up to stop me.

I saw barrels that I could shoot at. I wanted to shoot the barrels so taking out the Wendigo would be easier but I worried that this would end the Wendigo but its spirit would easily haunt another. I had to think quickly if I wanted to get out of here alive.

I decided to shoot the barrels anyway just for my sake. I aimed and fired at it. The force of the shotgun pushed me back and there I was on the ground. I could feel the heat from the fire.

I quickly got up and ran to the door then saw Ashley there. She quickly opened the door for me then closed it. Holy shit, that was close!

I took a few seconds to catch my breath until a Wendigo came to our way. It banged against the door and I backed away but nothing broke. It went away from the lodge as Ashley and I made it to the basement.

We saw Emily, Sam and Mike down there. Thank goodness they were all safe. Now we weren't so sure about Matt, Jess, Josh and Imigie.

"Where's the flamethrower guy?" Emily asked.

My head sunk down when she mentioned him. The man with the flamethrower, the man that saved my life, Imigie's uncle, dead. Died right in front of me.

"He didn't make it," I said softly. "He was cut on the neck right in front of me."

"Oh god!" Sam shook her head sadly.

I couldn't get the image of Flamethrower Guy dying out of my head. It was all too real. And how would Imigie take it? She'd probably lose it.

I turned back to the others and saw Mike was about to leave. Dude, what the fuck? Did he really want to leave again? My worst fears could be heading closer to reality than ever before.

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