Seat 22, Coach A.

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"Excuse me, I've reserved this seat. I'm sorry" I said to the woman sat in seat 22, coach A. She shuffled into coach B, clearly I had annoyed her. But I soon forgot about her. For the first time in my life, I was in first class. Call it a stroke of luck. The train company had upgraded me after being treated poorly at the help desk. It was very nice in 1st Class. Leather seats and room for your legs under the table! I wasn't used to such luxuries. The carriage was empty after the woman left. It was peaceful. I checked the seat opposite me. It was reserved from London Paddington, the next stop. Oh well. I pulled out my laptop and began to finish off my work for school. Soon we pulled into the station. I looked out of the window, distracted by a large group of screaming girls. The crowd was advancing towards my carriage. Then suddenly they turned to the window, banging on the glass and screaming at me. It was terrifying and I pulled the curtain over to hide their faces but there was no hiding their screams. I was relieved when the train started to slowly pull out of the station, leaving the mob behind us. I turned back to my laptop, confused by recent events.

Not long after I noticed someone slide into the seat opposite me. He looked familiar...I gasped slightly when I realized who it was. Harry Styles from One Direction was sat opposite me. That explained the screaming girls...I looked at him admiringly, he was even better looking in person, if that were possible. I smiled. This was definitely my lucky day. He looked up at me and caught me watching him. I blushed but remained staring at him.

"Hi, I'm Harry, Harry Styles." He said smiling and offering his hand. I shook it weakly.

"I...I know..." I said laughing. "I'm Charlotte, Charlotte Bolton. Nice to meet you."

"Sorry about the girls. They can be a bit scary at times and my location was leaked onto the internet somehow. Louis told me they could be waiting at the next few stations for me as well." He sighed.

"Doesn't it get annoying?" I asked curiously. "I would hate it, all those autographs and photos. And their screams! It's horrible!"

He chuckled warmly, "Well, sometimes it can I suppose, you know, if I'm trying to get on with something but normally it's fine. I love connecting with them."

"It's very sweet of you. Some people totally ignore their fans."

"Aw, thank you! Yeah, I know, but I was a normal person once! And if I met a celebrity then I would love them to stop. I know how they feel, that's why I do it." He paused, "Where are you heading?"

"I'm just going to Bristol to visit my Mum." I replied happily.

"No way! Me too! My cousins live there, I'm going to visit them. Don't have much time for things like that anymore; I love to see them as often as possible."

"Yeah I understand. And err; do you have a lady in your life to visit?" I instantly regretted the question. I had only known him for five minutes and already I was humiliating myself!

"Well, no not anymore. Why? Interested?" He asked, winking. Yes, yes I was but I was definitley not going to show that.

"In your dreams."

"Pfft. Whatever you say." He winked again. Ugh he was gorgeous.

"That is what I say." I replied.

"Seriously? How immature is that!? I mean come on Charlotte. You can do better than that? You're a big girl now!" He said mockingly.

"Shut up!" I punched his arm playfully.

"Watch it." He pointed his finger at me and pressed my nose. "Beep!" He said as he pushed it.

"And you call me immature?" I looked at him disapprovingly.

"Your nose is squishy. Not my problem" He announced, holding his hands up defensively.

I laughed. Around him, I felt comfortable. Like I had known him for years. It was strange. We had a laugh and a joke and suddenly we were like best friends. Secretly I hoped we stayed friends after the journey.

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