Ok this is my second werewolf book...but this one was actually inspired by a few little things that seem to happen in my life here and there lol anyway...the reason I started this one is cause I love werewolf books...but the only way this is continuing is if I get VOTES, COMMENTS AND READS! haha anyway enjoy :D

Werewolf Alpha's aren't my type.


Run! That was the only word running through the head at the moment; I couldn't stop for anything, not food, water or even a breath of air. I needed to get away and fast, I didn't know what I was running from, all I knew was that if I stopped for even a second I would be dead. I continued to run till my inner klutz came out and I tripped over a log. I groaned in pain but quickly got to my feet and continued to run. But seconds later I was tackled to the ground and spun around so I was now staring up at a huge black wolf with stunning blue eyes. I didn't know why but tones of emotions were running through my head at the moment, confusion, curiosity, fear, joy and pleasure. I didn't understand the last two but I didn't have time to dwell on it because I then woke with a jolt.

I was back in my boring plain room which I was grateful for. It wasn't the most interesting room in the world but it was me. The walls are bright green and the shelves and floor are covered in fantasy books. I never thought I would be so happy to see this place again, but I was.

That wasn't the first time I have had that dream, in fact I have been having that dream for months, ever since I moved to this stupid town. I use to be a big city girl who lived in New York and my dream was to someday star in a Broadway musical. But at the end of June after the last day of school my parents quickly hurried myself and my older brother Adam out of the house. We then were seated into a moving truck that drove us away from the big apple to a small run town in the middle of Nebraska. All Summer I have locked myself in my room not bothering to go out and make any new friends. It was suppose to be my junior year so now I had to start over like a freshman, making new friends, going to a new school and facing new teachers. I wasn't nervous, I was never the nervous type I would say it was more like annoyed. I guess it was like the saying goes if you move one step forward then you have to move two steps back.

I groaned well getting out of bed after realizing that it was already 6:30am there was no point in going back to bed. So reluctantly I dragged myself out of bed and to the bathroom for a shower before the school day would begin.

As soon as I was done my morning routine I headed down stairs and grabbed an apple before heading out after seeing Adam (who is a senior) sitting in the front of the car honking the horn.

"April hurry up or I'm leaving without you!" I rolled my eyes but continued my way to the car. In case you missed it my name is April and there is nothing really special about me I have black pin straight hair and pale skin. But what freaks a lot of people out are my oddly gold colored eyes. I quickly hopped into the car and put my feet on the dash board well Adam drove off. He was always the goody two shoes wanting to be on time and make a good impression, well I couldn't care less. After all even if you are on time you just get to hear them bitch all the more.

Once Adam pulled up in the student parking lot I groaned, we were early that's fantastic (Note the sarcasm.) I slipped out of the car of the car and threw my apple core in the garbage before heading inside for my schedule. After doing two damn laps around this whole freaking school I finally stumbled across the office. I quickly pushed open the doors and strolled in. it was pretty quiet in there; in fact the only noise was a cute old lady tapping on the computer. I cleared my throat and her head snapped in my direction with a huge smile on her face.

"May I help you?" She asked sweetly.

"Um well I'm here to pick up my schedule." I said with a fake smile.

"Alright, what's your name deary."

"April Winters." I said still with a fake smile, she nodded to me before handing over a file with a schedule, map and locker number. I thanked her before walking out. After I was outside the office I pulled out my schedule and decided I didn't need to make a trip to my locker yet so I headed to first period, which was English with Mr. Jenson. Alright it's time to meet the creatures... I mean teachers.

Once I found room 102 I pushed it open and strolled in like I owned the place. I didn't care what people thought of me but I wanted them to know I wasn't taking any of their bullshit! I happily walked to the back of the classroom and set my things down before sitting down and blasting my ipod. This class was pretty similar to my own back home. There were people talking and goofing around, but there was something different about this class, as soon as the bell rang all the girls left the boys sides to go and sit up front. I looked at them confused but stayed where I was in the back of the class. There was something different about this class and I didn't have to wait much longer to find out because soon the door to the class opened....

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