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We all sat at the Zeus bench today.
After today's sudden appearance of Chaos we all were totally flattered.
I mean he looks exactly like Percy. Except his eyes which changes colours.

" What do you think who is his godly parent?" Jason asked us.

" I guess by his eyes maybe Zeus." Hazel said.

" How?" Thals asked.

" Simple his eyes are blue not exactly like yours but almost like yours." She said

"Guys would you mind if I sit here?" Someone said from behind me.

I turned to see Percy no Chaos.

" Yeah you can sit." Leo said immediately.

" So you guys are leader of this orph....sorry camp?" He asked as he adjusted beside Frank.

" No not leader kind of seniors that's all." Reus said.

" Oh nice. " He said and dig his head in food and then I noticed his blue food.

" Hey what's up with your food? Why is it blue?" I asked/ shouted.

Everyone looked at his food.

" Oh it's....." Before he could say anything thunder cracked on hill top. Wind became wild and water moved violently. Night became more dark.

" JACK" Chaos said and ran towards the camp border.

" What?" Frank said and we all ran behind him.

"Yeah he is kind of dramatic about his appearance. Boys keep your girls away." Chaos said and kept running until we reached the top of the hill.

We saw a boy leaning by the Thalia's tree .
His hood was on so nothing was clear.
But by his body it was clear he works out a lot.

" Jack" Chaos said he looked up and I saw the most amazing looking guy in the world.

Alright I stopped here because I want an amazing looking guy's description please I am really bad at this so please help.

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