Chapter 12

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Soon, we both graduated from college, and got jobs...

It felt like just yesterday that we were freshman together, and then we went to prom...

One night, Levi texted you, asking you if you had wanted to go out to eat and take a walk on the beach. Of course you couldn't decline.

You knocked softly on Levi's door, and he opened it. "Y/n!" He embraced you, kissing the top of your head. "Good afternoon! I'm so glad you came! I made your favorite dish, _______!"

"Really? How'd you know?!"

"You sleep talk."

"About food?!"


You both laughed, and he pulled a chair out for you. "Here sit down, and eat. Want anything to drink?"

"Uh yeah sure, I'd like to have some ______ please." You smiled as he brought your drink over.

After a nice talk over dinner and laughing and smiling and being happy, he drove you to the beach.

The sunset was beautiful, and the ocean was glittering like it was made out of glass. Levi held your hand, making sure to keep you close.

The weather was rather cold, there were large gusts of wind here and there...

"Want my jacket, y/n?" He asked with a charming smile.

"Yes please." He handed it over and soon his warm jacket embraced you.

Just as the sun was about to set, Levi looked deep into your eyes.

"Y/n. I've been thinking for awhile and, you know. I really love you." You nodded, as you loved him too. "'s just that, I want to spend my life with you." He got down on one knee. "So, y/n. Will you be happily obliged to become an Ackerman?" His cheeks flushed a light pink, and you blushed, and covered your mouth with your hands, as he pulled out the beautiful ring.

"YES!" You yelled happily, hugging him tightly. He slipped the ring on your finger as he kissed you passionately.

Things truly were getting better...weren't they.

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