chapter 2

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The boy came out from behind the counter and approached me gently taking my hand, intertwining our fingers. He's smiling so wide and he's beautiful. Wow, he's beautiful. He had fair skin, colour tinging his cheeks and his eyes. They were so deeply breathtaking, rippling like water and I suddenly wanted to know what colour they were.

I suddenly felt sick, panicky because so many people were looking our way. There might even be people I know in here.

"So you're my soulmate." He breathed, positively ecstatic.

There was some aww's' around us, I turned to see some people smiling at us fondly. It was a special moment being united with your soulmate, something that only happened once in a blue moon.

I slowly led this stranger outside, round the back of the shop, our fingers still locked together. He was still drinking all of me in, awestruck.

"I need to tell you something-" I tried, hesitantly running my tongue over my dry lips.

"Wait," he cut me off, his whole face radiating with joy, "-my name is Harry."

He placed a hand on my face, stroking my skin and I knew I needed to tell him that this was wrong because I was supposed to be colourblind but that electricity Liam always talked about, I felt it. His hand on my face made me feel warm and tingly and I couldn't restrain myself from placing my hand over his and holding it there.

"Blair." I whispered, tears welling up in my eyes and I finally understood Liam's reaction to seeing me in the park all those years ago. It hit you in the heart, profound emotions escaping and taking over you.

"Well, Blair. You're beautiful." He grinned, a crooked goofy grin that lit up his whole face.

It took all my willpower to take his hand off my face and look away from him. "Harry, I have to tell you something."

His face fell. "Oh my god," he dropped his voice to a whisper,"- are you colourblind?"

I bit my lip as my words suddenly catch in my throat. He isn't wrong, really. I'm two people's soulmates which is an impossibility. Never before has there been any case of someone like me in the long history of colour-blind people.

He looked horrified, "Oh my god, this is not happening. I've waited years for this day and it's not fair."

"No, Harry!" I grabbed his arm, "-I was colourblind when Liam found me, I was his soulmate but I'm seeing colour right now! You're my soulmate."

He leaned back heavily against the brick wall. "I don't understand, that's not supposed to happen. Doesn't this Liam guy know you're colourblind?"

"I know it's messed up," I breathed,
"-but you have to understand my parents hate my kind and they would practically disown me if I told them so I stayed quiet."

He shook his head. "I don't want to share my soulmate with anyone else, I shouldn't have to!"

He looked on the verge of tears, too. His face had gone from ecstatic to furious. I hoped he wasn't angry with me, all I wanted was for him to touch my face again.

He bit his lip. "I feel so sure of you and I and our fate."

I nodded, there was this feeling in my gut drawing me towards the boy in front of me. I knew, even if he snores loudly or had a short temper, he'll still be the one. I hate it, knowing that I'll never be satisfied with anyone but him. Our hearts were made for each other.

"So what are we going to do?" I asked, almost hesitantly.

"Blair, I still have a job and I don't want to rush into things but could you give me a chance? Your parents don't have to know, We could just start off getting acquainted, hang out. Work things out," he looked up at me sheepishly with a flash in his beautiful eyes, "Fall in love?"

I blushed. I supposed I had been prepared for him to give up almost immediately. So I couldn't help myself from stepping forward and pulling him into a hug, my head falling to his shoulder as he tentatively wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

The embrace is over too soon. I feel it as I pull away. Already, something is missing. I yearn for more contact with him, to feel the electricity and warmth and sparks between us.

"So I guess I should maybe give you my number?" Harry asks, slightly awkwardly.

I nod and bring out my phone, a little startled by the colour I can now see on it. We exchange numbers and shy smiles every time our eyes meet.

I break out into laugher. "Oh my god, this is like the start of some cheesy romantic film."

He chuckles and I swear I can't breathe for a second. His whole face lights up when he laughs, a sweet, melodic sound that is so intimate. I want to make stupid jokes and stupid faces and do silly things so I can spend the rest of my goddamn life making Harry laugh.

His laughter died down as he realised how I was staring at him and his smile shrinks but doesn't dissipate. There's tension between us but not the awkward, probing kind.

His eyes slowly flicker to the ground, a faint smile on his face. "I should probably get back to work, but you could visit me here. If you wanted to? I work on weekends."

I nodded, smiling. "Definitely."

He smiles back, a little awkwardly. "I'll see you around then."

He started to walk away, leaving me watching after him with this stupid grin on my face.

"Wait- Harry!"

He turned around.

"What colour are your eyes, do you know?" I rushed out, my words tumbling over each other.

He laughs. "Sky Blue. That's what my mother says."

I nod, smiling and he gives a little wave before turning the corner and disappearing.

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