i have an obsessive personality but its not Compulsive

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Bleach                            Episodes- (as of today) 341+ (Bleach is my favorite anime)

Durarara!!                      Episodes- 25 (just awesome! I hope they make another season of it because they can’t just let it end where it did.)

Vampire Knight             Episodes- 13

Vampire Knight Guilty  Episodes- 13 (I watched all of Vampire Knight in 3 days. All 26 episodes. A lot of people talk about it and said it was good so I watched it. So far it is one of the few things that made me say WTF out loud because I really was shocked. For those who watched it or read the manga it was the part about Yuki’s real family. After I watched that part I kind of didn’t want to watch anymore. But I finished it.)

Fairy Tale                        Episodes- (as of today) 99+ (I also watched all 99 episodes within the span of a week and a half. I just found fairy tale online while messing around. But I like it. It is a bit childish but it’s still good.)

Shinigami no Ballad         Episodes- 6 (I watched all of them last night because I didn’t want to work on my paper that I will do after I post this. For those who don’t know shinigami in Japanese means God of death or soul reaper like a grim reaper. The grim reaper is a little girl.)

Kekkaishi                           Episodes- 52 (I was happy with where this ended even though they are still going with the manga)

Nyanpire                             Episodes- 13 ( I only watched 2 of them. The show is about a vampire cat. I think they made it from a book.)

Sailor Moon                         Episodes- 46

Sailor Moon R                     Episodes- 43 (Sailor Moon I think was my first anime, if not Dragon Ball Z was. I think sailor moon has like 3 more arc things but I haven’t seen them. This goes back to the 90s!)

Sailor Moon R Movie Promise of a Rose  Movie (This movie was a little gay. If you seen it you know what I mean.)

Castle in the Sky                            Movie

My Neighbor Totoro                      Movie (I didn’t really like this one.)

Kiki’s Delivery Service                   Movie

Pom Poko                                        Movie ( This one is kinda cool)

Whisper of the heart                           Movie

Princess Mononoke                            Movie (The fighting parts are awesome)

Spirited Away                                    Movie (I have watched this one countless times.)

The Cat Returns                                 Movie

Howl’s Moving Castle                       Movie ( This is based off the book by Dianna Wynne Jones. So was castle in the sky. I’m going to read the third one The House of Many Ways.)

Tales From Earthsea                           Movie

Ponyo                                                  Movie (I thought it was kind of weird)